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Have you got your Christmas tree yet?
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Regional from the farm around the corner
Christmas trees

Christmas trees from the Münsterland

Christmas is approaching and the anticipation of the festivities is rising. Of course, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a must-have when it comes to decorating the living room! More and more people are turning to natural and sustainable options instead of plastic trees. In many places in Münsterland, the nearest farm where you can buy a Christmas tree is just around the corner. Many of them have their own tree plantation next door or buy the trees from German forests.

Buying a Christmas tree becomes a special experience if you have cut it yourself beforehand. This is also possible at many farms in the region. Take a look around and find the right farm near you!

Farms with Christmas trees in Münsterland

In the map you will find a selection of farms in Münsterland where you can buy fir trees. Click on the selected farm to get more information. Of course, these are by no means all the farms in the region, but at least it's a start! Please note that some farms only offer Christmas trees from the end of November.

Is your farm shop missing here? Then feel free to write to us at digital@muensterland.com.

Tips around the natural tree

Purchase of the tree

The Association of Natural Christmas Trees (Verband natürlicher Weihnachtsbaum e.V.) gives some tips and tricks on how to make the Christmas tree last as long as possible and look beautiful. This already starts with the purchase. This is what you need to bear in mind:

  • Measure the location beforehand and take a tape measure or folding rule with you when you buy the tree.
  • Make sure that the needles are firm and intact.
  • Inspect the tree without the transport net and check for damage.
  • Have the tree made ready to stand on site
  • If this has already been done, make sure the cut surface is bright and fresh.
  • If the tree is to be stored temporarily, put it in water and cut the trunk only before putting it up on the stand
  • Do not sharpen the trunk
Storage and care
  • Protective netting can remain in place for the time being and is only removed after setting up and a few days before decorating (tree must unfold)
  • The plastic bag, on the other hand, must be removed immediately
  • Avoid rapid temperature changes
  • Store in a cool (10 - 15 °C) and dark place until the tree is put up.
  • The following applies to care: the tree must always be given enough to drink
  • The ideal tree stand is a model that permanently waters the natural tree.

The Münsterlandblog

Tree sawing at the Püning farm Tree sawing at the Püning farm
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting
We were at Hof Püning for you and cut down a fir tree

Fittingly on St. Nicholas Day, some of our colleagues went to Everswinkel to explore the fir tree plantation and the farm shop of Hof Püning. Dörte and Christian Püning were kind enough to show them around. The two have taken over the farm from their parents-in-law. Victoria wants to have a real Nordmann fir in her living room for Christmas 2022. She even takes the saw into her own hands! You can find out why cutting fir trees is not so easy on the MünsterlandBlog.

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