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Anholt mo ated castle near Isselburg in the western Münsterland is one of the largest and best-known moated castles in Westphalia and is the privately inhabited family seat of the princely house of zu Salm and zu Salm-Salm. In addition to the spacious park and gardens with Baroque gardens and an English-style landscape park, a guided tour of the art collections in the main castle or a visit to the neighbouring wildlife park "Anholter Schweiz" is a worthwhile destination for a day trip.

The layout of the castle park can be traced back to the 16th century. In the 19th century, the park was transformed by the two garden architects M. F. Weyhe and E. Milner transformed it into an extensive English-style landscape park. Embedded in the park are the Baroque Busquett and a labyrinth. However, the so-called water garden with its sandstone sculptures and lush rose beds is particularly eye-catching: its position facing the large terrace on the show side immediately catches the eye of every visitor. A walk through the park not only offers beautiful views of Anholt moated castle, but also interesting insights into the garden architecture. Finally, a visit to the hotel's restaurant in the outer castle is recommended, with a wonderful view of the greenery.

The nearby Anholt Switzerland with Lake Lucerne "en miniature", including the historic Swiss cottage situated on an island, was created by the famous zoologist and dendrologist Prince Nikolaus Leopold II as a gift for his wife Princess Eleonore. Animal species such as bears, wolves, lynxes, wild cats and numerous others have been delighting thousands of visitors for decades.

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Group price (reduced) per person from 10 persons, children up to and including 14 years free.

Anholt moated castle in the western Münsterland Anholt moated castle in the western Münsterland
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Anholt moated castle
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