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Hovestadt Castle Park
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Hovestadt Castle Garden

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In the very south of Münsterland, in the valley of the river Lippe, lies the proud Hovestadt Castle with its magnificent park. According to plans from the 18th century, the castle park was extensively restored from 1994 to 1997. Special consideration was given to the late Baroque elements.

A mosaic joined together to form a park

The extensive system of gardens divides the palace park into its various sections. Castle Island, Garden Island, Heckentheater and Sternbuch are mostly visually separated from each other by water or hedges. Each park area has its own unique charm and invites you on a journey of discovery. Cleverly designed visual axes bring the individual parts of Hovestadt Park together again to form a unity. The Heckentheater, one of the very few in Westphalia that has actually been realised, attracts special attention among garden lovers.

With guided tours of the castle garden

In combination with its magnificent location in a loop of the river Lippe, Hovestadt Castle and Park in Lippe Valley is one of the destinations for sightseeing in the south-eastern Münsterland. The castle itself is family-owned and therefore cannot be visited. Guided tours are offered to visit the park.

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The baroque garden is freely accessible every day.

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The last template from times past

When the park at Hovestadt Castle was restored from 1994 to 1997, there was only one surviving record of the historical plan of the park. This plan was found in a copy of the 1912 book Altwestfalen by Richard Klapheck (1883-1939).

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