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Venner Moor near Senden
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Mystical nature and idyllic tranquillity
Venner Moor

Venner Moor

"O, schaurig ist's, übers Moor zu gehn," wrote author Annette von Drüste-Hülshoff. The nature reserve "Venner Moor" in the municipality of Senden is not at all spooky, but breathtaking and mystical. With its fascinating flora and fauna, it is known far beyond the boundaries of the municipality.

Time out from everyday life

Take a relaxing walk through a piece of Münsterland that is more than 6,000 years old and almost disappeared. Two circular paths lead from the "Venner Moor" car park through the nature reserve. Especially in fog or frost, the moor unfolds its mysterious beauty. But don't forget: Please stay on the marked paths and always keep dogs on a lead.

Guided tour of the moor

The Venner Moor is managed by the Münsterland Regional Forestry Office and the Kreis Coesfeld e.V. Nature Conservation Centre. Every year, the nature conservation centre organises a series of events in the moor. The guided tours led by various experts provide unexpected insights into the world of the animals, plants and fungi native to the area as well as into the history of its development. You can find the dates on the website of the nature conservation centre.

Thousands of years of moorland history

The history of the "Venner Moor" began thousands of years ago. For a long time, mighty peat deposits shaped the image of the raised bog. Drainage and peat cutting led to the disappearance of the growing moor, especially in the last 150 years. Today, the Venner Moor covers only half of its former size with about 149 hectares. The mighty peat layers have disappeared. But at least some heath-typical plants and animals have kept their home here. Surrounded by birch forests, a moorland forest has survived around areas of water and bog.

Fortunately, in recent decades there has been a growing awareness that the moor is a special and important habitat. Through rewetting, the bog is slowly approaching its original state.

The occurrence of the nationally endangered adder is also spectacular. Although it is the only poisonous snake found in this country, it is more harmless than its reputation and very shy.

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