Wild Horse Catch
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A huge spectacle
29.05.2021 | Wild Horse Catching

29.05.2021 | The Wild Horse Catch

On the last Saturday in May, it gets crowded in the Merfelder Bruch. The spectators in the sold-out arena wait in anticipation for the arrival of the wild horses. Once a year, the young stallions are separated from the herd and auctioned off. The yearlings are caught by hand by young men from the surrounding area. At the end of the day, the herd is let back into the Merfelder Bruch to great cheers from the visitors.

The wild horse catch has been carried out since 1907. Without the separation of the young stallions, there would be dangerous rank fights for the mares in the herd. An increasing number of horses would also overtax the food supply and the space of the Merfelder Bruch.

Advance ticket sales for this traditional event usually start at the beginning of November. Anyone who wants to take part in the popular spectacle at the wild horse track should hurry!

Cancellation Wild Horse Catch 2021

The wild horse catch for 2021 has unfortunately been cancelled.

Opening hours

Öffnungszeiten vom 30.05.2020 to 30.05.2020
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
    08:30 Uhr bis 18:30 Uhr
  • Sunday
Die Öffnung der Wildpferdebahn erfolgt um 8:30 Uhr, die Tribünenaufgänge stehen ab circa 12:45 Uhr offen.

Zeitlicher Ablauf:
08:30 Uhr: Öffnung der Wildpferdebahn
ca. 12:30 Uhr: Öffnung der Tribünenaufgänge
ca. 13:45 Uhr: Showprogramm 
ca. 15:00 Uhr: Einlauf der Wildpferde
anschließend: Fang der Jährlingshengste
während des Fangs: Verlosung von Jährlingshengsten, Hinweise und Bedingungen
im Anschluss: Jährlingshengste werden durch Versteigerung zum Kauf angeboten, Hinweise und Bedingungen
ca. 18:30 Uhr: Ende der VeranstaltungDie Öffnung der Wildpferdebahn erfolgt um 8:30 Uhr, die Tribünenaufgänge stehen ab circa 12:45 Uhr offen.


  • normal, standing room:
    9,50 €

Seats (numbered, rows staggered)
Block A +B and K + I 32,00 €
Block C + H Row 1 - 16 35,00 €
Block D - G Row 4 - 16 35,00 €
Block D - G Row 1 - 3 (restricted view) 26,00 €
Block S (severely disabled with "G" mark) 21,00 €

Admission free for children up to and including the age of 3 (no seat entitlement).

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