Klatenberg Telgte | Picnic Area in Münsterland
Picnic area Klatenberg
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Moments of peace
Heath picnic in the Klatenberg

Heath picnic in the Klatenberg

The last juniper heath in the district of Warendorf can be found on almost four hectares in the Klatenberg in Telgte. Here you can admire the whole diversity of the open dune landscape with sandy meadows, open sandy areas, flowering heath in August, gnarled juniper bushes and characteristic old oaks. Bentheimer Land sheep from the NABU nature conservation station ensure that the valuable cultural landscape is preserved.

During a picnic on the highest dune top you can experience a beautiful panoramic view of the heath landscape. Stay in the here and now, take in nature and enjoy the moment of peace!

The picnic area at a glance

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Your way to the picnic area


Juniper Heath Klatenberge

Grevener Road (L 811)

48291 Telgte

Accessibility & Parking

The juniper heathland can only be reached on foot. Because of the sandy paths, you cannot cycle to the picnic area.
Cars can be parked on the wide parking strip along the L 811. From there you can reach the juniper heath on foot in about 500 metres.

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