"Give away a picnic" in Münsterland
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Give away a picnic

"Give away a picnic" from Münster

Give away picnic joy from Münster and support local trade! In Münster, several players are taking part in the "Give a Picnic as a Gift" campaign in Münsterland and are offering filled picnic boxes for sale during the Advent season:

  • The Sdjool (X-MS Markt, Münster)
  • Münster Souvenirs
  • Heimat Heroes (X-MS Market, Münster)
  • Krützkemper Farm
  • Delicatessen Hidding

"Gift Picnic Box from Münster".

  • City beer (0.75l) from the Gruthaus brewery
  • Pumpernickel in a tin (250g) from Prünte
  • Peace greeting chocolate bars (45g) from Dreimeister
  • Korinten, baked apple jam (200g) from "Kein Firlefanz
  • Mug motif Jörg Hartmann
  • Wooden board "Münster Skyline
  • Bread knife
  • ground coffee (250g) coffee roaster Kater
  • Pinkus Pils (0,33l) brewery Pinkus

Price: approx. 90 Euro

Order & Collection
  • No advance order necessary.
  • Pick up at Münster Souvenirs in the city centre.


Münster Souvenirs
Heinrich-Brüning-Str. 6
48143 Münster
0251-9816003 www.muenster-souvenirs.de

Opening hours

  • Monday till Saturday
    10:00 Uhr
    18:00 Uhr

Sdjoolly Christmas Kiste - Edition Winterpunsch
The Christmas box from the X-MS Christmas market in Münster.

  • Sasse Winterpunsch (various small bottles for making the winter punch)
    or Herrencreme (men's cream small quantity)
  • Jallard'or almonds
  • Bonbon Manufacture Münster
  • 2x Liba bottles
  • Leib und Seele pasta
  • Piepkuchen - the pastry from Münsterland
  • Roasted nuts from the Sentmanufaktur
  • Leibundseele - Handmade pasta from Münster

Price: 45 Euro

Sdjoolly Christmas Box - Edition Nussecken

The Christmas box from the X-MS Christmas market in Münster.

  • Nussecken (liqueur) from the Heimatheros
  • Jallard'or cinnamon almonds
  • Candy manufactory Münster
  • 2x Liba bottles
  • Body and soul noodles
  • Piepkuchen - The pastry from Münsterland
  • Roasted nuts from the Sendmanufaktur
  • Leibundseele - Handmade pasta from Münster

Price: 45 Euro

Additionally included in both picnic boxes are:

  • Pit cloth
  • Komoot voucher
  • Bread bag (food bag)
  • Picnic guide for Münsterland
Order and collection


The Sdjool (X-MS Markt)
48143 Münster
015142500832 www.the-sdjool.de

Opening hours (X-MS Market)

  • Sunday till Thursday
    11:00 Uhr
    20:00 Uhr
  • Friday and Saturday
    11:00 Uhr
    21:00 Uhr

"Picnic Liqueur Deluxe Set

  • 1 x Nussecken Liqueur 0,5 L
  • 1 x Men's cream liqueur 0,5 L
  • 1 x Eggbert Egg Liqueur 0,5 L
  • 6 x high quality liqueur bowls

Price: 75 Euro

Das Münsterland-Siegel Das Münsterland-Siegel
© Netzwerk Münsterland Qualität e.V.


Heimat Heroes Schnaps Store
Wolbecker Straße 18
48155 Münster
02555 3619956 www.heimat-heroes.de

Opening hours

  • Monday till Friday
    10.00 Uhr
    18.00 Uhr
  • Saturday
    10.00 Uhr
    14.00 Uhr

Picnic Box Krützkemper Farm

  • 10 eggs from free-range chickens from the farm
  • Pasta from the farm (500 g)
  • Egg liqueur from the farm (0,75l)
  • 2x fruit spread from own production 210g
  • Honey from the farm beekeeping (500g)
  • 2 apples
  • 1 marzipan cola
  • Walnuts from the farm (150g)
  • Mustard from Seul in Sassenberg (180g)
  • Air-dried beer crackers 150g from the butcher Merschformann
  • 1 branded wooden board

Price: 70 Euro ??

A smaller basket can also be ordered and filled according to individual wishes.

Price: 40 Euro

The Münsterland Seal The Münsterland Seal
© Netzwerk Münsterland Qualität e.V.


Opening hours

  • Monday - Saturday
    09:00 Uhr
    19:00 Uhr
  • Sunday
    09:00 Uhr
    12:00 Uhr

Also available in Münster

Small picnic box from the delicatessen Hidding Small picnic box from the delicatessen Hidding
© Fleischerei Hidding
The Hidding delicatessen picnic box

The Hidding delicatessen has many locations. One of them is in Münster. You can also buy a Münsterland picnic box at the Rothenburg location (Rothenburg 2) and treat your loved ones for Christmas.

You can find more information about the offer here.

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