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Münsterland Legend Route
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Enchanted landscapes and legendary stories
Münsterland Legend Route

Legend Route in the Münsterland

On the trail of demons, ghosts and many a legendary tale, you follow a little witch through the Tecklenburg region. Ride your "broom", equipped with two wheels and handlebars of course, past the "Witches' Kitchen" and the "Holy Sea", a wildly romantic moorland with lakes, ponds and pools. You can enjoy wonderful views over the Münsterland from the rock formation "Hockendes Weib" near Ibbenbüren. Take some time and walk through this beautiful natural area in Münsterland.

Perfect pictures for gentle creeps

There are quite a few eerily beautiful stories in the Tecklenburg region where, with a little imagination in tow, you can get gently c reeped out. The romantic castles such as Iburg Castle and Gravenhorst Monastery provide wonderful backdrops. The historic town centres of Lienen, Tecklenburg and Bad Iburg are also downright fairytale-like.

Legends along the Legend Route

Squatting Woman in the Dörenther Cliffs
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The rock formation near Ibbenbüren tells the amazing saga of a brave mother and her two children fleeing from a flood. Frozen into a rock, she saved the children from the floods. The wooded surroundings are an excellent hiking area and offer great views of the Münsterland region.

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Gravenhorst Monastery in Hörstel
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The Gravenhorst Monastery in Hörstel tells its own story. The former Cistercian monastery is a good example of monastic life between spirituality and pragmatism. The small exhibition shows valuable documents and provides insights into monastic life. Today, exciting art projects and exhibitions generate new "legendary" stories.

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The Steinbeck Cross
© Felix Büscher
Steinbecker Esch

The two crosses in Steinbecker Esch near Recke tell a murderous story. Two very different shepherds fought over the grazing grounds here. Blind hatred and brute force caused the death of the two shepherds. The crosses are still a topical memorial for peaceableness and understanding today.

The Holy Sea near Recke
© Münsterland e.V./Maximilian Lehrke

The Holy Sea near Recke is a beautiful nature reserve. Numerous animal species have found a retreat in the idyll. However, the history of the Holy Sea is less tranquil: instead of the lake, there was a monastery here whose monks were known for their dissolute lifestyle. As punishment, the monastery was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm. The monastery was never seen again, but the peaceful lake was created on this spot.

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Tüöttenmuseum in Mettingen
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The legendary life and trade of the linen merchants is the theme of the Tüötten Museum in Mettingen. The "Tüötten" had far-reaching trade relations and have left their mark on the region to this day. The museum gives an insight into the life of the families and shows the tools and utensils from times gone by. Follow the history of the Tüötten.

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House Marck
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Haus Marck at the foot of the town of Tecklenburg looks back on an eventful past. Preliminary negotiations for the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 took place here - a milestone in European history. A spooky legend is spun around the mausoleum of the manor house. Forgotten by his master in the mausoleum, the apprentice working there died on a full moon night. Why? That remains a mystery to this day.

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Bad Iburg Castle
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting

It is worth taking a look at the history of Bad Iburg Castle. In the wake of the Peace of Westphalia, the Braunschweig-Lüneburg family moved in here and began their unparalleled rise. The history of the building and its inhabitants comes to life in the Knights' Hall and the castle's museum.

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Witch's Path near Tecklenburg
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The devil's footprint can still be seen today in the rocks of the witches' kitchen near Tecklenburg. This is where the witches of the region cooked their secret magic potions and even today you can still see smoke rising at night. But a young noblewoman put an end to the haunting. You can find out more on a short hike along the witches' path.

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The Legend Route at a glance

  • 214 km
  • Circuit
  • medium
  • signposted
  • Multiday tour
  • Nature
  • Ibbenbüren
  • Hörstel
  • Hopsten
  • Recke
  • Mettingen
  • Westerkappeln
  • Lotte
  • Lengerich
  • Bad Iburg
  • Lienen
  • Ladbergen
  • Tecklenburg

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