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NaTouristmusRoute Tecklenburger Land
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All-natural cycling in the Tecklenburg region
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Nature Tourism Route in the Tecklenburg Region

The Tecklenburg region is known for its natural diversity. The very different landscape areas are home to numerous animal and plant species. Some beauties catch the eye immediately, others require a second look. The approximately 200-kilometre-long route will not only delight nature lovers. The area around Tecklenburg is rich in forest and characterised by mountain ranges. No wonder, then, that the Waldroute , one of six local routes, runs here. Extensive beech forests, the ancient Habichtswald forest and spring areas make up this area.

Many bird species have found important breeding and habitats in the nature reserves along the 25-kilometre-long lapwing route . With its varied natural areas, the cycle path shines with a great diversity of species in wet meadows in the Düsterdieker Niederung, small heaths and the very beautiful Schachselwald.

A guest of lapwing and curlew

Water is the defining element on the approximately 42-kilometre-long lake route. At the centre is the Holy Field, the largest natural lake in North Rhine-Westphalia. Its waters and shore zones represent an incomparable habitat. But the "missing" source of the Gigel Aa and the numerous wet meadows also tell exciting stories. In contrast, the 40-kilometre-long moorland route is almost a scarcity economy. The peat mosses are content with the nutrients from the air and rainwater. Unfortunately, intact moor areas have become increasingly rare over the course of time. Around Hopsten and Recke, however, their protected remnants with their unique flora and fauna can still be admired.

The Düsterdicker lowlands, north of Westerkappeln, are among the largest nature reserves in Münsterland. Even though parts of the landscape are shaped by the consequences of agriculture, there are still near-natural meadows and wetlands here. The lapwing route leads through the sandy soils of this important breeding area for lapwing, great blackbird and quail. Wet meadows are also characteristic of the curlew route. The landscape, which is worthy of protection, is a paradise for bird watching. The area around Altenberge and Saerbeck is also home to many insects and small creatures whose beauty often only reveals itself at second glance.

Typical of the Münsterland are its hedgerows, which can be seen from far and wide across the landscape. On the approximately 35-kilometre-long hedge route near Lienen, the region shows itself from its most beautiful side. Wet meadows, such as the Lilienvenn nature reserve, have become an important retreat for rare birds, insects and plants. Wide hedgerows and small farm hedges criss-cross the landscape in rich contrast.

The most beautiful circuits on the NaTourism Route

NaTourismRoute Curlew Route
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Curlew Route

Wet meadows are natural areas for explorers. A rare animal and plant world is at home here, which is not only worth seeing but also good to hear. The 40-kilometre route around Ladbergen and Saerbeck is all about wetlands, sandy dunes and ancient trees.

NaTourismRoute Lakes Route
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Lakes Route

What does the Hörsteler Aa have in common with the Baltic Sea, how did the largest natural lake in Westphalia come into being? The lake route between Hörstel, Recke and Hopsten provides answers to these and many other questions. You will cross beautiful nature reserves in northern Münsterland in a relaxed way.

NaTourismRoute Moor Route
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Moor Route

The 40-kilometre-long Moor Route leads into the mysterious world of moors and heaths. The animal inhabitants of this landscape north of Recke appreciate the tranquillity and spaciousness. You will also be thrilled on your bike tour through the numerous nature reserves.

NaTourismRoute Lapwing Route
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Lapwing route

On the 25-kilometre-long Kiebitzroute, the landscapes change like in a picture book. Your cycle tour north of Westerkappeln will take you from large wet meadows to small heath areas and species-rich forests. Don't forget your binoculars and camera.

NaTourismRoute Forest Route
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Forest Route

Deep forests, which are not so common in the Münsterland region, are the hallmark of the 28-kilometre-long forest route around Tecklenburg. To experience the wonderful nature, you have to climb a few metres in altitude. But you will be rewarded with beautiful flora and fauna and wonderful views of the region.

NaTourismRoute Hedge Route
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Hedge Route

The 35-kilometre-long hedge route leads you around Lienen through a landscape that will enchant you. Hedgerows alternate with farm woods and avenues - a paradise for cyclists, nature lovers and, of course, animals like the tree frog. The nature reserves along the route have many surprises in store and are always worth a longer break.

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The NaTourism Route at a glance

  • 200 km
  • Circuit
  • medium
  • signposted
  • Multiday tour
  • Nature
  • Ladbergen
  • Saerbeck
  • Hörstel
  • Hopsten
  • Recke
  • Westerkappeln
  • Lotte
  • Tecklenburg
  • Lengerich
  • Lienen
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