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Cycling on the Vechte Valley Route
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Art enjoyment on the blue ribbon of the Vechte
Vechte Valley Route

Vechte Valley Route

Boundless pleasure awaits you on the Vechte Valley Route in Münsterland, Grafschaft Bentheim and the Netherlands. From the source of the Vechte in Rosendahl-Darfeld, the Vechte Valley Route follows the course of the river over 225 kilometres to its mouth in the old trading town of Zwolle.

Artistic delights along the way

Succumb to the special flair of this cross-border cycle route, which takes you through 15 towns and villages in Germany and the Netherlands in a varied landscape. The"kunstwegen project" accompanies much of the Vechte Valley Route. You will encounter 60 art projects in the open countryside and turn parts of the route into a unique open-air museum.

From the source to the mouth

From Rosendahl, the cycle tour leads through slightly undulating terrain with beautiful views through the Münsterland to Schöppingen. The artists' village of Schöppingen has made a name for itself as a creative centre far beyond the borders of the region. The Chapel of Grace in the pilgrimage town of Eggerode is exceptionally picturesque. The Vechte Valley Route continues to the small town of Metelen. Here the Vechte is still a small river, often accompanied by dense vegetation.

From Metelen, the landscape becomes more open and changes into the flat landscape typical of the Münsterland. Past the magnificent Haus Welbergen near Ochtrup , the Vechte Valley Route leads to Wettringen. With each kilometre, the bed of the Vechte now becomes somewhat wider and the river increasingly shapes the wide landscape.

Plan some time for Nordhorn, the lively town in Grafschaft Bentheim. In the summer months, it's worth taking a trip on the"Vechte boats" through the canals and canals. Along the river, on the Dutch side, the route continues over dikes and through charming villages to Zwolle. Fields and meadows dominate the landscape, interspersed with beautiful parks, avenues and manor houses.

Places on the Vechte Valley Route

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The Vechte rises in the district of Darfeld at the beginning of its 182-kilometre course to Zwolle. The river climbs just 75 metres in altitude. The surroundings are correspondingly gentle. Before you start, you should take a look at the historic water mill.

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Schöppingen lies dreamily in the park landscape of Münsterland, yet the artists' village is decidedly creative. The Sasse distillery on the Schöppinger Berg is well worth a visit. The Lagerkorn has won several awards. You should not miss the pilgrimage site of Eggerode.

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The small town of Metelen lies in the middle of the Münsterland park landscape. The "Vechtestädchen" surprises with its historical treasures, such as the Stiftskammer and the Ackerbürgerhaus.

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House Welbergen
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Haus Welbergen is perhaps the most beautiful building on the Vechte Valley Route and a landmark of Ochtrup. The castle is romantically situated surrounded by water in a small wooded area. The beautiful park in the inner courtyard is simply gorgeous. From spring onwards, bulb flowers, perennials and roses are in full bloom here.

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Wettringen is indeed a water town. While the Vechte runs to the north of the town, the Steinfurter Aa flows through the small town centre. In addition, there are numerous lakes, the largest of which is Lake Haddorf on the border with Lower Saxony. This is also an excellent place for swimming.

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Nordhorn on the Vechte Valley Route
© Gemeinde Nordhorn

Nordhorn is a lovely and lively town. The Vechte is visible in many places in the city and can be explored by boat in summer. In the city centre you will find a varied gastronomic offer. The popular zoo is located just a few metres from the beautiful Vechtesee lake.

Zwolle on the Vechte Valley Route
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The capital of the province of Overijssel is a trading city rich in tradition with a distinctly green environment. The centre of the city is the large market square with the Sint-Michaëlskerk. The Vechte flows here into the Zwarte Water, which is only 19 kilometres long.

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The Vechte Valley Route at a glance

  • 225 km
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  • easy
  • signposted
  • Multiday tour
  • Nature/Culture
  • Darfeld
  • Schöppingen
  • Metelen
  • Ochtrup
  • Competitions
  • Nordhorn
  • Zwolle
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