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Rosendahl in the Münsterland
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Three villages to feel good in


The small municipality of Rosendahl combines no less than three villages whose greatest possession is probably their tranquillity and nature: Darfeld, Holtwick and Osterwick. And around Rosendahl there are also large areas of charming Münsterland parkland with woods, water and meadows. All of this invites you to take a leisurely walk or cycle. The "Poaters Pättken", the path once used by monks, is considered by cycling fans to be one of the most beautiful cycle paths in Münsterland. Rosendahl is also home to special features such as the "Holtwicker Ei" - the largest Westphalian erratic block from the Ice Age. Barenborg, one of the best-preserved tower mounds in Münsterland, is also worth seeing. The almost circular structure lies in what was once an extensive marshy area.

Impressive architecture

Rosendahl also has a lot to offer architecturally. For example, there are churches in every district. The gatehouse of Haus Holtwick is the oldest building in Holtwick and presents the source of the village's identity. It was built in 1670. Varlar Castle in Osterwick has a very representative appearance. The 11th-century castle, which is a listed building, is still privately owned. Even though it can only be visited from the outside, a short trip there is recommended during a stay in Rosendahl. Not to be forgotten is Darfeld Castle, which was built with the famous yellow sandstone of the Münsterland. It can also only be visited from the outside.


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