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Doing good together
RennFietsen Tour

Together for the "good cause

Supporters of the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland 2019

The organisation of the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland as a charity ride, where 100% of the proceeds from donations go to the aid organisations, is only possible thanks to the support of many sponsors who get involved in many different ways. Which "good spirits" were behind the Tour 2019, we present to you here.

Main sponsor

As a strong partner in the region, innogy has supported the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland as the main sponsor since the first tour in 2009. With the financial means provided, the organisation of the tour in the stage towns can be rounded off. Furthermore, vehicles and trailers are made available for the tour and innogy employees take part in each RennFietsen Tour as drivers and collect donations for a good cause on the 600 kilometres through the region.

Sponsors and partners

Healthy nutrition and sport simply belong together. That's why P.Jentschura, the specialist for natural products, is supporting the RennFietsen Tour with break snacks for the road.

Hof Grothues Potthoff from Senden provides the participants with fresh farm produce directly from nature during the tour.

REWE Markt Eckmann from Senden is sponsoring catering for the breaks during the tour.

The Lehern alpine dairy is located in the Ostallgäu region of Hopferau, within sight of the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. A beautiful mountain panorama, green meadows around the alpine dairy and the "KäseAlp" inn invite you to visit. The Lehern alpine dairy supports the RennFietsen Tour with delicious cheese from the Allgäu, 100% of whose ingredients come from the region.

Davert GmbH is a specialist for rice, pulses, cereal products, sugar, dried fruits, nuts, oilseeds and sprouted seeds in best organic quality. The company sponsors products from its range for the participants' catering during the tour.

Handl Tyrol supplies us with all kinds of hard sausages from Tyrol. In this way, we connect two great tourist regions - Münsterland and Tyrol. Absolutely fitting with the Allgäu cheese and absolutely delicious in taste. Including the wine from the Tauber Valley, an absolute culinary highlight.

This year, Shell petrol stations in Münster are once again sponsoring the fuel for our support vehicles for the RennFietsen-Tour Münsterland.

The creative minds at B&S Werbeagentur in Münster designed the logo for the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland free of charge in 2009.

The RennFietsen Tour Münsterland starts every year at Münster-Osnabrück Airport. The airport provides free parking for participants and accreditation facilities.

When it comes to meat, Phillip Büning is the first port of call for participants of the RennFietsentour. The butcher's shop from Münster sponsors the grilled meat for the obligatory barbecue evening during the tour.

The stage locations

The 11th edition of the RennFietsen Tour Münsterland was held in Sendenhorst and Ostbevern, with two overnight stays in Sendehorst. The tour started at FMO and finished in Münster.

The Sports Office of the City of Münster will provide the lead vehicle to lead the procession.

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