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Mindful riding in the forest
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Horse riding. Animal enjoyment

Consciously perceiving the moment without thinking about what comes next: That's what mindfulness means. A bit like a short but intense meditation. An aspect that is perhaps even more important when being with a horse than when travelling without an animal. Who says that horses can't enjoy and relax? Pause for a moment with your animal companion as you ride along meadows, pastures and fields in Münsterland. Let the magnificent sight of the castles and stately homes you pass sink in a little longer.

You can also experience the horse region Münsterland in other ways than on the back of your four-legged friends; for example, on a romantic carriage ride through the countryside. A visit to the North Rhine-Westphalian State Stud in Warendorf or a trip to the Dülmen wild horses in the Merfelder Bruch is always worthwhile.

Contemplative riding routes in Münsterland

More than 1,000 km of riding routes stretch through the idyllic park landscape of the Münsterland. On a tour lasting several days, as well as on a day trip, you can really enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and relaxation with your horse. Places of interest and stops at cafés along the riding routes or rest areas for a homemade picnic round off your time out.

Dülmen wild horses: Unique in Europe

They are at home in a vast landscape of pasture, moor, heath and various trees: the Dülmen wild horses. Around 400 animals including cute foals feel at home here in the Merfelder Bruch. And they have been doing so for centuries. Let yourself be enchanted by the "city of wild horses" and its animal inhabitants.

Wild horses in Dülmen Wild horses in Dülmen
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The wildlings from the Merfeld
Dülmen wild horses
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Places and events for horse enthusiasts

The horse really is omnipresent in the Münsterland: you can not only go on wonderful horseback riding excursions in the region, but also learn a lot about the great animals, marvel at them and visit some spectacular horse-related events. For example, the "Symphony of Stallions" or the "Warendorf Stallion Parades" - immerse yourself in the world of horses!

Travel offers at a glance

A riding holiday in Münsterland can be wonderfully combined with other activities. Picnic areas, museums, historic town centres, castles and numerous cycle paths make your trip an all-round experience. However, it is not important to do as much as possible, but to experience a few attractions intesively.

Riding holiday in Münsterland Riding holiday in Münsterland
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Holiday ideas
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Experience the good with all senses

You can combine a riding holiday with a visit to a farm shop. Usually located in the countryside and stocked with regional and fresh products, they are the ideal place to stop for a break. There is no farm shop nearby? Then pack your picnic basket and dine in the middle of nature.

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