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High on horseback in the green Münster
Riding Route - Münsterland

High on horseback in the green Münster

Münster not only has a lot to offer as a city, but also attracts riders with attractive and well-developed bridle paths. One of the oldest farms in the Münsterland, Haus Kump, is the starting point of the Münster - Havixbeck route, which leads through the Aatal recreational area. A visit to the Westphalian Horse Museum in Münster's Allwetterzoo is recommended. Also worth seeing on this route is Haus Rüschhaus, built by the Westphalian Baroque master Johann Conrad Schlaun.

Through deep forests on the outskirts

The next section from Münster to Handorf - Hiltrup, starting from the "Zur Hohen Ward" trail park, leads directly into Münster's most attractive and largest contiguous forest and recreation area, Hohe Ward. For the sporty rider, there are numerous opportunities here, parallel to the approx. 10 km long circular riding trail, to challenge himself and his horse over obstacles arranged to the side.

The approximately 80 km long network of riding routes between Münster, Greven and Westbevern offers horse and riding enthusiasts a variety of natural experiences: In addition to hedgerows, meadows and fields, idyllic wooded areas, heathland and the near-natural streams of the Ems floodplain attract riders. In between, you can discover not only the typical Münsterland farms, but also magnificent manor houses.

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