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In Dülmen you have THE GOOD LIFE between town and country: small, fine shopping facilities and a lively cultural scene meet green surroundings with many cycling, hiking and riding paths. The approximately 47,000 inhabitants live in Dülmen-Mitte and six more rural districts.

Between the Ruhr and Münsterland

Dülmen is the largest town in the Coesfeld district and is located 30 minutes southwest of Münster by car. Münster/Osnabrück Airport (FMO) is around 35 minutes away. If you drive south from Dülmen, you can quickly reach the Ruhr region, for example Dortmund in 50 minutes. The Netherlands is not far away either: Enschede is only an hour away. The district town of Coesfeld is 20 minutes away.

From the stations in Dülmen-Mitte and Buldern you can travel by train to Münster, Essen and Enschede, for example. You want to go to another destination but don't have your own car? Then rent one from the car-sharing provider Stadtteilauto. A vehicle is available for rent in the immediate vicinity of the city centre.

Tip: Münsterland is a cycling region! 4,500 kilometres of cycle paths offer you almost unlimited possibilities in the city and in the countryside: you can commute to work comfortably by bike and go on great tours with friends and family.

Living in Dülmen

Dülmen consists of the large town centre Dülmen-Mitte and six districts, which are located no more than 15 minutes by car from the town centre in the Münsterland park landscape. Around 29,000 of the total population of almost 47,000 live in Dülmen-Mitte, 5800 in the second largest district of Buldern. About 2,000 people live in Hausdülmen, Hiddingsel, Merfeld and Rorup. Around Dülmen-Mitte there are also nine small farming communities, which are grouped together to form the district of "Kirchspiel" and have a total of about 4000 inhabitants.

Even if rental and purchase prices follow the general real estate trend, there are still numerous niches to be discovered in Münsterland when building, buying or renting. In the rural area of Münsterland, the average rent per square metre is between five and seven euros, and the average purchase price per square metre for flats and houses is 2100 euros.

You can find information and contacts about building and living in Dülmen on the city's website. If you want to rent a flat, you can download the current rent index here.

Did you know ... ?!

With its wild horse enclosure, Dülmen is not only a well-known destination for horse lovers. The town is also home to a particularly large number of enthusiastic riders and breeders, who together keep around 1400 of the magnificent animals. Ten riding halls, various riding stables and the building project "Living with a Horse" do the rest: since 2010, Dülmen has officially borne the title "Horse-friendly community".

Shopping in Dülmen

The heart of Dülmen's city centre is the market square, where you can shop for fruit, vegetables and other groceries twice a week. In the pedestrian zone around the square you can browse in small and large shops, boutiques and concept stores or relax after shopping in one of the cafés and restaurants. In addition, the StadtQuartier Overbergplatz also invites you to stroll and enjoy the open air in Dülmen and offers plenty of space for shopping and relaxing, in addition to trendy shops such as H&M, Only and dm. Of course, there are also several specialist bicycle shops in the town where you can buy bicycles, e-bikes and all accessories.

Childcare and schools in Dülmen

Most of the 21 kindergartens and day-care centres are located in Dülmen-Mitte, but there are childcare facilities in all districts. Other childcare options are offered by day care centres.

The educational offer for school children in Dülmen is wide-ranging and covers all school-leaving qualifications:

  • Eight primary schools (at least one in each district)
  • One secondary school
  • Two secondary modern schools
  • Three grammar schools (one of which is a private school with an attached boarding school)
  • Two special schools (with a focus on learning and language)
  • Four vocational schools/vocational colleges

Working in Dülmen

Small and medium-sized enterprises characterise Dülmen as a business location, many of which are family-run businesses. Dülmen is also home to a number of well-known companies, for example the fertiliser manufacturer Yara, the architecture firm Kleihues + Kleihues, a plant of the concrete product manufacturer ZAPF and the sports car manufacturer Wiesmann Sports Cars.

Christophorus Trägergesellschaft operates hospitals in Dülmen, Coesfeld and Nottuln. Together, the three hospitals function as a teaching hospital of the University of Münster.

Our tips: Leisure, sport and culture in Dülmen

  • Cycling tour on the 100 Castles Route
  • Cycle tour or walk to the wild horse track in the Merfelder Bruch nature reserve
  • Walk through the Dülmen Wildlife Park
  • Sport in one of the many sports clubs
  • Swimming pool (düb leisure pool with sauna and adventure world)
  • Trip to the Golf- und Landclub Coesfeld
  • Horse riding in one of the riding clubs
  • Cinema
  • Dülmen summer with street theatre and music
  • Dülmen winter with Christmas market and ice rink
  • City trip to Münster or Enschede
  • Trip to the Designer Outlet Ochtrup

On the website " Hey Dülmen" you can find out even more about what makes the town so lovable and worth living in.

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Dülmen in the Münsterland Dülmen in the Münsterland
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