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In the city of the Burgmannshöfe


At the foothills of the Baumberge mountains, the town of Horstmar lies between wooded areas, fields and meadows in a valley hollow in the district of Steinfurt. It not only offers beautiful surroundings, but also opportunities for walks, bicycle rides and historical discovery tours.

Horstmar - the town of castle manors

Square and friendly: Horstmar is known as the "Town of Burgmannshöfe" and its square ground plan bears witness to an exciting history that is unique in the Münsterland region. Four of the original eight existing Burgmannshöfe - magnificent houses built during the Middle Ages by the new class of so-called "Burgmannen" - are still preserved today and tell of their protective function for the town at that time. On a tour of Horstmar, the Borchorster Hof, Merveldter Hof, Sendenhof and Münsterhof can be visited from the outside.

Horstmar's old town, which is well worth seeing, is beautifully situated in a valley hollow and also invites you to take a short walk. The historic town hall blends harmoniously into the townscape of Horstmar. The district of Leer with its mills is also an attractive destination.

Active in Horstmar

Horstmar is surrounded by fields and small wooded areas. The cycle paths around Horstmar are slightly hilly in a northerly and southerly direction and offer beautiful views over the park landscape of the Münsterland. Cyclists can choose between two exciting themes with the 100 Castles Route and the Historic Town Centres Route. Horstmar is also connected to the RadBahn Münsterland: The former railway line between Coesfeld and Rheine has been developed into a first-class cycle path that delights local and out-of-town Fietsen riders.

The surroundings of Horstmar also offer numerous opportunities for hikers to get active. If you don't want to go straight to the Baumberge, the neighbouring Schöppinger Berg offers a rewarding view of the highest mountain range in Münsterland after a short climb.

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