Steinfurt Castle - aerial view
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Your bike tour for a day
Moated Castles and Burgmannshöfe

Of moated castles and castle manors

Between castles, nature and art, you cycle on this approx. 44 kilometre long circular tour from Burgsteinfurt towards the south. On this route you will encounter idyllic old towns, dreamy castles and stately homes and, as always, the most beautiful aspects of the Münsterland park landscape with its meadows, fields and small forests. Set off and spend a relaxing day on your bike in Steinfurter Land!

Historic old town and moated castle Steinfurt

Your cycle tour starts in the picturesque old town of Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt. Around the market square and in the narrow streets, a wonderful breeze of bygone times is blowing. Here, splendid stone houses are lined up with bourgeois half-timbered houses and make up Burgsteinfurt's unique flair. A stroll through the old town is definitely worthwhile before you get on your bike and start your day's ride.
When you leave the old town behind you, you will soon see Steinfurt Castle surrounded by mighty moats on Burgstraße. The oldest moated castle in Westphalia stands on a circular island surrounded by the Steinfurter Aa river. It was first mentioned in 1129 and in its shadow the first market settlement developed, which later became Steinfurt. The castle is privately owned and therefore not open to visitors. From the street, however, you have a wonderful view past the gatehouse and across the water to the historic building.

The green oasis - Steinfurter Bagno

Now it's getting green! Passing the Schlossmühle, we take the direct route to the Bagno - one of the most beautiful leisure facilities Münsterland has to offer. More than 200 years ago, opulent water features, extraordinary buildings and a sea of flowers made the 50-hectare "leisure park" a breathtaking place that attracted citizens from near and far. Even today, traces of this era can be discovered on the "Bagno Tour": Monuments, sculptures and, last but not least, the lavishly restored concert gallery take you back to the 18th century and leave room for a lot of imagination.

Note: Due to a bridge closure, the circular route currently only covers the southern part of the Bagno. If you would like to take a closer look at the green spaces, we recommend approaching from Burgsteinfurt at the Bagno sports field.

Pleasure on the tour

In the midst of the dreamlike parks, the café-restaurant Bagno and the Portuguese restaurant Nossa Terra invite you to take a break. Just a few hundred metres further on, the restaurants and cafés in the historic old town of Burgsteinfurt offer the opportunity for a culinary break.

Lush green in the Münsterland park landscape

As soon as you leave the greenery of the Bagno and the buildings of the Borghorst district behind you, the expanse of the Münsterland park landscape opens up. Occasionally, a picnic table along the way invites you to take a break and you have the opportunity to let your gaze glide over fields and along small sections of forest.

About halfway between Borghorst and Horstmar in the village of Alst, the next highlight awaits you just a few metres off the trail. Hidden under trees and surrounded by a moat is the Renaissance moated castle of Haus Alst. A special feature of the old walls are the so-called "Specklagen" (bacon layers): the brickwork with alternating red bricks and light yellow Baumberg sandstone is reminiscent of a good Westphalian ham. Haus Alst is privately owned, but standing in the passageway you can get a good overview of the castle complex.

Horstmar - Town of the Burgmannshöfe

The next stage takes you to the historic centre of Horstmar, surrounded by fields, meadows and woodland in a hollow. Horstmar is known as the "town of the Burgmannshöfe", because four of the original eight Burgmannshöfe still exist today and tell of their protective function for the town at that time. Another unique feature of the Münsterland region is the almost square ground plan of the town, with the town hall worth seeing and the Gothic hall church at its centre. Let yourself drift through the idyllic town, past the magnificent walls of the Burgmannshöfe Münsterhof, Sendenhof, Merveldter Hof and Borchorster Hof.

Pleasure on the tour

The Generation Park behind the St. Gertrudis House retirement home invites you to take a short break. In addition to a playground, this small oasis of peace has seating and a large lawn - a nice opportunity for a picnic!


On your way to Schöppingen, you will pass through the pilgrimage site of Eggerode. For hundreds of years, pilgrims have been drawn to this place to worship the image of the Virgin Mary - an enthroned Madonna made of wood - in the Chapel of Grace. The tranquillity and relaxation of this picturesque little place will surely be transmitted to you too. We think it's a real insider tip: A real insider tip!

Cycle along the Vechte nature reserve towards Schöppingen. The town welcomes you in its dreamy way. In the historic town centre, the Old Town Hall with its red and white shutters beams at you and the St. Brictius Church poses with its mighty-looking tower. The artists' village of Schöppingen has become famous far beyond the town's borders. Young artists show their creative works of art in the studios and event rooms of the foundation, which can also be found in the townscape in special projects.

Back to Burgsteinfurt via Metelen

Back in the saddle, we continue northwards - parallel to the Vechte - where our circular tour touches the "Vechte town" of Metelen . If you want to make a stop here, we recommend a visit to the Kornwassermühle (corn water mill) located north of the Stiftskirche (collegiate church) on the Vechte. On your last stage towards Burgsteinfurt, you will pass through the natural paradise of Metelener Heide. Several rest areas lie along the way and invite you to have a picnic or take a short break. In the cool shade of the trees, you can once again enjoy the wide green spaces of nature and the wildlife before our circular tour ends in Burgsteinfurt.

Before or after your bike ride ...

Burgsteinfurt District Teaching Garden Burgsteinfurt District Teaching Garden
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Tip for garden lovers

The district educational garden in Burgsteinfurt is known beyond the borders of Münsterland. Founded as early as 1914 as the "Kreis Obst- und Gemüsegarten" (District Fruit and Vegetable Garden), it now serves as a demonstration and school garden where you can learn about the many different ways of gardening on around 30,000 square metres.

Your route between moated castles and castle manors

  • approx. 44 kilometres
  • Circuit
  • easy
  • Day trip
  • Locks
  • Rail journey
  • Burgsteinfurt
  • Horstmar
  • Schöppingen
  • Metelen

Picnic ideas for your bike tour

Info and service for the bike tour

Not all offers and services along the cycle tour are yet fully available. Here we keep you up to date on what you can experience on your bike tour.

Wasserschloss Steinfurt

  • The castle is privately owned. An interior tour is not possible.
  • An exterior tour is possible from Burgstraße at any time.


  • Greens: freely accessible
  • Gastronomy: Open

Haus Alst

  • The manor house is privately owned. An interior tour is not possible.
  • An exterior tour is possible at any time.

Burgmannshöfe Horstmar

  • An interior tour of the Burgmannshöfe is not possible.
  • An exterior tour is possible at any time.

Feinbrennerei Sasse

Hotel tip:

Would you like to combine your cycling tour with an overnight stay in Münsterland? Hotel Holskenbänd is located just a few metres from the historic centre of Horstmar. The 100 castles route and the signposted cycle paths are only 200 metres away.

Your journey

On this cycle tour you can travel in an environmentally friendly way by public transport. The train station in Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt is regularly served by the Euregio train on the route Münster - Enschede.

If you are travelling by car , we recommend parking in one of the following free car parks:

  • DRK car park: Europaring 3, 48565 Steinfurt - free parking available for several days.
  • Baumgarten car park: Horstmarer Str., 48565 Steinfurt - free parking and parking for several days possible
  • Bagno car park: Borghorster Straße, 48565 Steinfurt
  • Liedekerker Straße car park, 48565 Steinfurt (next to camper van site)
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