Cycling in Tecklenburg. Information on cycle paths and cycle tours.
View of Tecklenburg
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On the balcony of the Münsterland

Cycling in Tecklenburg

The cycling tours around Tecklenburg are a little challenge for cyclists. At the "balcony of the Münsterland", the Münsterland presents itself hilly and wooded. Cyclists are rewarded with beautiful cycle paths and fantastic views of the Münsterland. A walk through the picturesque old town should be on the programme before every cycle tour. Then it's off - depending on your taste, over undulating terrain to Lienen and on towards Bad Iburg, or perhaps you prefer the plains of the Münsterland. Lienen and Bad Iburg enchant with their beautiful town centres dominated by historic half-timbered houses. A very nice destination is the lively town of Ibbenbüren with its mining and motorbike museums and the Dörenther Cliffs.

Even cycling tours to the charming city centre of Osnabrück or to the blue ribbon of the Ems are easily possible. Tecklenburg is truly a highlight for cyclists in Münsterland.

Tecklenburg in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland. Tecklenburg can also be reached via the practical junction system. With the junction system, you can easily put together your favourite route with a few numbers.

  • Tecklenburg is located at junction 36.

Themed routes in Tecklenburg

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