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Surenburg Castle framed by a moat
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In the midst of beautiful forests
Surenburg Castle

Surenburg Castle

As the most important secular building in the Tecklenburg region, Surenburg Castle sits enthroned on its surrounding moats in green Hörstel.

At the foot of the Teutoburg Forest lies the graceful moated castle, which is believed to have been built around 1400. After only two changes of ownership, the castle passed to the noble Heereman von Zuydtwyck family in 1786, who still rule the house today. The estate with its grand staircase is characterised by many architectural extensions from 1600 onwards, which reflect the subtleties of the Renaissance, Classicism and Neo-Gothic periods.

On foot or on horseback

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Surenburg Castle

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Das Schloss Surenburg ist im Privatbesitz und daher nur jenseits der Gräften von außen zu besichtigen. 


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© Münsterland e.V./ Philipp Fölting
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4 Tips for Surenburg Castle

  • The Schlosstherme in the Parkhotel Surenburg spoils you with its beautiful wellness facilities.
  • If you are exploring by bike, for example on the beautiful 100 Castles Route, it is worth taking a detour to the NaturaGart Park. The very well-maintained botanical garden also impresses with rare trees and beautiful flowers in the direct vicinity of the park.
  • A true natural highlight awaits you at the foot of Riesenbeck: the Teutoburg Forest. From here, the most beautiful part of the Hermannsweg premium hiking route stretches out. The "Schöne Aussicht" (beautiful view), the Sommerrodelbahn (summer toboggan run) amusement park and the Almhütte (alpine hut) are relaxing and beautiful rest stops on your way.
  • The nearby Gravenhorst Monastery promises a special cultural treat with its exhibitions and art events.

Places of interest around Surenburg Castle

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