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Hörstel in the Münsterland
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A stronghold for riders, cyclists and culture lovers


The park landscape of Münsterland and the Teutoburg Forest, which begins here with the 95-metre-high Huckberg, characterise Hörstel's rural appearance. Hikers and cyclists thus have the choice of whether they prefer an excursion into the flat park landscape or into the hills of the Tecklenburger Land. In addition, two important waterways - the Dortmund-Ems Canal/Mittelland Canal - meet here.

Hörstel is the stronghold of harness riders

The area around the Surenburg is considered the Mecca of German team drivers. National and international championships are held here. The highlight of the competition season is the"Riesenbeck International", which attracts numerous horse enthusiasts every year with top-class sport.

Hiking and experiencing culture

With your own muscle power you can move around Hörstel on many beautiful hiking and cycling trails as well as Nordic walking and inline skating routes. Examples include the Hermannsweg long-distance hiking trail and the Holskenpatt and Mühlenroute cycle and hiking trails. If you want to combine hiking with knowledge, the geological nature trail in the Torfmoorsee recreation area is just right. In the lake itself, there are hardly any limits to water fun - from fishing, sailing and surfing to swimming, everything is possible. An important cultural destination is Gravenhorst Abbey. The former Cistercian abbey has been transformed into a "Denk-Mal-Atelier" (think-paint studio) and regularly hosts outstanding exhibitions.

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