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Oeding Castle Tower in Südlohn
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Former moated castle
Castle Tower Oeding

Castle Tower Oeding

The castle tower in Oeding has always been a place steeped in history, which has seen many people come and go. Where once many princes and noblemen called the property their own, now daily changing guests of the newly created castle hotel enter the doors of the former castle complex in the dreamy district of Südlohn.

But the castle tower remains!

The first mention of Oeding Castle is in a deed of sale from 1353, when the squire Johann von Bermentfelde acquired the fortress together with the mill and all the buildings. Only thirteen years later, the Prince-Bishop of Florence destroyed all the walls. As a result, the castle was rebuilt as early as 1371 under Johann von Gemen and also divided into main and outer castles. The foundation stone for the town of Oeding was laid with the subsequent settlement of the castle. In the following centuries, the castle changed hands again several times. After it was used as a mission station for Dutch Catholics under Prince-Bishop Bernhard von Galen, who then had its own church built, the castle was sold again at the beginning of the 19th century. This led to its demolition in 1854. Only the 15th century castle tower and parts of the historic castle vault remained. In 1979, the remains of the fortifications were completely restored and integrated into a new hotel building.

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Oeding Castle Tower

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The Castle Tower Oeding is part of the Burghotel Pass. The interiors of the hotel or restaurant are only accessible to visitors.

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4 Tips for the Oeding Castle Tower

  • The best way to explore Oeding's green and exciting side is on foot! The Kommiesenpatt (= Low German customs officers' path) leads you on both sides of the border along scenic customs officers' and smugglers' paths in exclusively flat terrain to many old border stones and through our unique cultural landscape.
  • In Oeding, crossing the border means crossing the national border: our Dutch neighbours look forward to your visit and have all kinds of cultural, culinary and sightseeing attractions in store for you.
  • The nearby 100 Castles Route takes you on a 310 km circular route to the most beautiful castles and palaces in the western Münsterland.
  • At Burghotel Pass you can spend the night in a rustic atmosphere. The tower room is particularly popular, not only with wedding couples.
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