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The historic farmstead Haus Lohn in Südlohn
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A picturesque farmstead
House Wage

House Wage

Haus Lohn is the jewel of the small municipality of Südlohn in the western Münsterland. Located directly on the 100 Castles Route and the Flamingo Route, this important landmark invites you to take a look at its ornamental façade and the romantic park with its shimmering moat.

When the manor was first mentioned in 1357, it was owned by a collateral line of the influential dynasty of the noble lords of Lohn. At that time, the farm, which was completely surrounded by moats, still had a drawbridge and a gatehouse.

Unique in Westmünsterland

The magnificent, white-washed brick building was built shortly before the first change of ownership in 1785. The manor house with its farm buildings is considered the only early classicist noble residence in the Westmünsterland. A fire in the upper storey in 1837 was the decisive factor for the reconstruction with an upper full storey in its present form. Numerous noble lines called Haus Lohn their own until it came into the possession of the Geuking family in 1907, who still live in and preserve the property today.

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House Wage

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4 Tips for House Wages

  • If you are cycling on the historic 100 Castles Route or the unspoilt Flamingo Route, an overnight stay in the hotel of the Burgturm Oeding is a good idea.
  • Experience a special coffee break in Südlohn's Café Hüftgold. Here, the finest coffee and breakfast offers meet a creative ambience.
  • You can enjoy relaxing nature in the Zwillbrocker Venn. The nature reserve is not only home to many regional plants, but also surprises you with flamingos.
  • Our Dutch neighbours are also looking forward to your visit and have all kinds of cultural, delicious and interesting sights to offer, for example in Winterswijk.
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