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House Borg in Rinkerode
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An imposing castle complex over three islands
House Borg

House Borg

If you are a guest in the Münsterland region and set out to discover the numerous castles and palaces, Haus Borg is one of four typical moated castles in Drensteinfurt's immediate vicinity. But walkers and cyclists also rave about the well-kept, privately run manor house, whose grounds can be seen from three sides and viewed from the outside.

The castle in constant change

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Service at Borg House

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House Borg

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Haus Borg kann nur von außen besichtigt werden, da es sich in Privatbesitz befindet.


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3 Tips for the Borg House

  • If you are travelling in Drensteinfurt's surroundings, the other moated castles are worth seeing: Haus Venne, Haus Steinfurt and Haus Bisping. The latter is within walking distance of Haus Borg. All the manor houses are located along the 100 Castles Route.
  • You can follow in the footsteps of Drensteinfurt's past in the mill and equipment museum. Cogwheels and blades turn here in slow motion, perfect for watching.
  • Every corner is buzzing: busy insects await you in the Bee Museum. The little buzzers give you a glimpse of their hustle and bustle and produce regional and sweet delicacies.

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