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Drensteinfurt in the Münsterland
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In the place of castles and palaces


The town of Drensteinfurt is nestled in the park landscape of Münsterland with its characteristic woods, hedgerows and widely scattered farms. Yet getting to Drensteinfurt is extremely easy and hassle-free.

Four castles in one fell swoop

Discover historic half-timbered houses and parish churches as well as moated castles worth seeing in the town. There are four of them around Drensteinfurt: Haus Steinfurt, Haus Venne, Haus Borg in the Rinkerode district and Haus Bisping. Of course, the 100 Castles Route also passes through here.

Insights into traditional Münsterland

A historical tour of Drensteinfurt's town centre invites you to discover the town's sights. The cultural centre of the town is the "Alte Post", an impressive half-timbered building built in 1647. There are traditional sights to see in Drensteinfurt with the bee museum, in Walstedde with the Eckmann grain distillery and in Rinkerode with the mill and equipment museum.

Hike like the pilgrims

Events in all parts of the town provide varied entertainment. The wooded Davert, the little river Werse or the nature reserve "Kurricker Berg" offer pure relaxation. Experience nature in the footsteps of St. James the Apostle and walk along the St. James Pilgrims' Way, which was opened in 2008.

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