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House Döring in Borken-Marbeck
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A manor house made of brick
House Döring

House Döring

The simple baroque manor house Döring in beautiful Marbeck, a district of Borken, guards a secret in the depths of its foundation walls. The far-reaching history as well as many exciting experiences of the originally medieval estate lie hidden here...

A little treasure in beautiful surroundings

In the cellar vaults of today's baroque complex are the cool contemporary witnesses of the castle's history: large-format foundation bricks of Döring Castle from the 12th century. Originally, the moated castle was built on an artificial, eight-metre-high hill. The residential tower offered the best view of approaching enemies. In addition, the complex was enclosed by a moat and equipped with a watermill, which still exists, and a farm building on an outer bailey. During its history, the seat of power of the chivalrous Döring family served as a loan, was conquered, pawned, sold and burnt down several times. In 1727, the building that can be seen today was erected as a two-storey, three-axis Baroque mansion on the foundation walls of the castle, obliterating the medieval traces. Since 1922, the castle has been privately owned by the Anton Klümper family.

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House Döring

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3 Tips for the Döring House

  • To follow in the footsteps of knights past, head to Gemen Castle. The historic moated castle is considered the jewel of the town. ThePröbsting House with its beautiful grounds was also built, inhabited and managed by men of honour.
  • The "pure nature" cycle tour combines historical treasures with beautiful landscapes over 54 km.
  • Borken railway station is only about 4.5 km away. The station is regularly served by trains from the Ruhr area.

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