Gemen Castle in Borken | Place of interest in Münsterland
Gemen Castle in Münsterland
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Gemen Castle

Gemen Castle

Gemen Castle in Borken is certainly one of the most unusual castles in Münsterland. The walls shine brightly in the sun. The castle, which is more than 900 years old, is surrounded by a mighty moat, and walking around it opens up wonderful perspectives of the building.

The castle from different angles

The castle grounds are open to the public all year round. We recommend a walk around the castle. Every side offers a completely new perspective, which surprises many visitors later when they look at their holiday photos. Cyclists can best experience Gemen Castle on a cycle tour along the 100 castles route.

A castle with an eventful history

The castle was built by the noblemen of Gemen. Since the 12th century, the history of the Lords of Gemen has been marked by constant disputes with the Prince-Bishops of Münster, who were also secular rulers of the region from that time on. In order to preserve their immediacy, the owners of the castle repeatedly entered into successfully changing alliances. The castle changed hands several times until it was bought by Reichsfreiherr Johann Ignatz Franz von Landsberg-Velen on 24 May 1822.

Von Landsberg-Velen was raised to the rank of count by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia on 15 October 1840 and subsequently called himself Count von Landsberg-Velen und Gemen. The castle is still owned by the von Landsberg-Velen und Gemen family today. Since 1946, Gemen Castle has been leased to the Diocese of Münster, which has since used it as a youth education centre.

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Service at Gemen Castle

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Tour information

  • Gemen Castle cannot be visited from the inside.
  • However, the exterior is freely accessible. A walkway circles the entire structure and offers very beautiful different perspectives.

4 tips for Gemen Castle

  • The "Borkener Landpartie" cycle tour takes you from the castle through the gentle countryside around Borken.
  • In the "FARB" in the old town hall of Botrken, town history comes alive. The modern exhibition will surprise you.
  • Borken's Pröbsting Lake is a wonderful recreational area for families. Playgrounds, pedal boats, a beer garden and a bathing beach make sure you don't get bored.
  • Gemen Castle is one of the most beautiful buildings on the 100 Castles Route. The western course combines magnificent historical buildings with tranquil nature experiences over 310 km.

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