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Engelrading House is part of a farm
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House Engelrading

House Engelrading

Simple, modest and peaceful, Haus Engelrading lies nestled in Borken's green south. But the walls of the listed moated castle were once the scene of battles that shaped the city's history.

Iron Dispute

Originally built in 1316 by the knightly noble families of Gemen, Haus Engelrading served as a fortress, a defensive fortress against the honourable men of Heiden. But as early as 1333, the latter ruled over the town of Borken and occupied the complex. The knight's castle, which was built on a hill and surrounded by moats, retained its defensive character: in numerous armed conflicts over the next centuries, the castle not only changed hands frequently, but also suffered increasing damage. Walled-in cannonballs still bear witness to iron disputes today.

A new purpose

Constantly besieged, destroyed and sold off, the manor house fell into disrepair and was completely rebuilt between 1704 and 1732. Only the partially existing ramparts, remains of ditches and large-format bricks in the cellars are remnants of the former fortifications. In 1932, Haus Engelrading was sold by the then owners, the Counts Landsberg-Velen, to the widow of the factory owner Wilhelm Essing. Today, the Korte family owns the listed property. Since the estate is privately inhabited and used as an agricultural business, the house can only be admired from the outside with a little distance.

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House Engelrading

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