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Röllinghoff House in Velen-Ramsdorf
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Small idyll by the wayside
Röllinghoff House

Röllinghoff House

As a particularly modest gem, Haus Röllinghoff rests on its moat in peaceful Ramsdorf, the green district of Velens. Yet the interior of the former knight's estate conceals a valuable treasure: one of the oldest secular halls in the western Münsterland that has been preserved in its original form.

The last witnesses of a long history

A western wing from the early 16th century is the last stone witness to the long history of the building. As early as the Middle Ages, the estate served as the main farm and feudal estate of the Lords of Steinfurt, who had a territory in the Holy Roman Empire. In 1711, the estate came into Velen ownership and has since been extended with numerous alterations and additions. The two-storey red brick building is surrounded by a beautiful pond. Like a well-kept secret, the interior and exterior relics of Haus Röllinghoff are inhabited and preserved by the current owners.

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Röllinghoff House

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4 Tips for the Röllinghoff House

  • Exciting stories of days gone by await you in the museum inside Ramsdorf Castle. Other "Living Museums" take you on various discovery tours of their own history: Alte Schmiede (Old Forge), Gut Roß (Horse Farm), Tiergarten (Zoo) and the agricultural farms Tenk-Dröning and Picker Warnsing.
  • The green surroundings of Velen are best explored by bike, for example on the relaxing Hohe Mark Nature Park Route or the impressive 100 Castles Route.
  • So close to the turnpike, it's also worth visiting our neighbours, the Netherlands.
  • The cycling tour tip"Boundless Horizons" forms a wonderful loop to the historical highlights in the western Münsterland. You should plan 3 days for the 180 km route.

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