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Steinfurt Castle on the 100 Castles Route
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Romanticism between the old town and the park
Steinfurt Castle

Steinfurt Castle

Steinfurt Castle is located between the old town of Steinfurt-Burgsteinfurt, which is well worth seeing, and the beautiful Bagno Park. These three attractions can be excellently combined on walks. Surrounded by mighty moats, the castle nestles harmoniously into the townscape.

Steinfurt Castle is privately owned. It is therefore not possible to visit the interior. But you can explore and experience the grounds at any time. And it's worth it: from Burgstraße, which connects the town centre and Bagno Park, you have a wonderful view of the historic building across the water. The most beautiful photo motif is undoubtedly the gatehouse of the castle.

The history: Fortified and ancient

The moated castle of Steinfurt is a ring-shaped castle complex that was first mentioned in 1129. The landscape had no natural protection to offer. The oldest moated castle complex in Westphalia therefore stands on a circular island surrounded by the Steinfurter Aa river.

The first market settlement, which later became Steinfurt, developed in the shadow of the castle. In 1164, the lords of Ascheberg destroyed the castle. It was then rebuilt with the help of the Archbishop of Cologne, Reinald von Dassel, for the lords Ludolf and Rudolf von Stenvorde (Steinfurt). Today, Steinfurt Castle consists of the upper castle, the lower castle and the castle mill.

The double chapel is particularly remarkable: two chapels are connected by an opening and were used on two levels until the 14th century. Steinfurt Castle is still privately owned today. It is occupied by the princely family of Bentheim and Steinfurt and houses the princely administration.

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Steinfurt Castle

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Steinfurt Bagno Steinfurt Bagno
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First-class culture in a green guise
Steinfurt Bagno
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4 Tips for Steinfurt Castle

  • The historic concert gallery in Bagnopark regularly hosts outstanding classical music concerts. Tickets are available at the tourist information office in Steinfurt.
  • Your stay in Steinfurt should definitely take you to the Kreislehrgarten . Here you can have a picnic and admire the trees and flowers.
  • Paul Riehemann's cuisine at the Posthotel Riehemann is known far beyond the town's borders for its regional delicacies.
  • The market square, just a few metres away, is a popular meeting place for guests and locals with its shops, restaurants and cafés.
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