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The Kolvenburg in Billerbeck
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Between the Middle Ages and Modernity


Many of the castles and palaces in Münsterland grew over centuries to become the impressive and beautiful buildings they are today. This is also true of the Kolvenburg in Billerbeck, which tells a very eventful story.

Typical dwelling house of the lower nobility

The former small moated castle, now a listed building, dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries - but its roots go back much further: the building history of today's complex began around 1300, when the Knights of Billerbeck erected a permanent tower bridge over the previous building. The von Colve family, which gave the building its name, then took over the complex. Many of the numerous alterations that turned the former fortified complex into a typical residence of the lower nobility can still be seen today in the interior of the Kolvenburg. Extensively renovated, the Kolvenburg was finally opened in 1976 as the cultural centre of the Coesfeld district.

Concerts and art exhibitions in a historical ambience

Today, the Kolvenburg is a high-calibre exhibition venue in a historic setting that is known far beyond the region. The cultural programme is very broad and ranges from first-class concerts and contemporary art exhibitions to annual spring and Advent markets.

Did you know...

Founding myth of the Kolvenburg Founding myth of the Kolvenburg
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A legendary castle foundation

Almost a marketing genius: In 1494, the new heir to the Kolvenburg - Burgmann Godeke von Münster - spread a well-adorned legend. He claimed that the castle had been founded in the 8th century by Charlemagne as a Christian base. Charlemagne had already entrusted the castle and its location to the von Colve family at the time of its foundation. From then on it went by the legendary name of "Kolvenburg".

And what was the point of it all? Godeke wanted to shine as a more significant site compared to his neighbours at Haus Hameren. He had succeeded in doing so with this big little fib ...

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