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From "Natz" to "Wiesennascherei" (meadow snacking)
Picnic offer in Dülmen

Picnic in dülmen

You can now order picnic baskets from Dülmen Marketing for your perfect picnic in Dülmen and the surrounding area - your picnic to go will be beautifully packaged in the rustic Münsterland wooden picnic box.

In addition to Dülmener Pumpernickel, the hearty "Natz" picnic basket also includes regional sausage specialities and beer from a local brewery. The picnic basket "Kernige Wiesennascherei" is also suitable for vegetarians and contains, for example, delicious goat's cream cheese, fresh fruit and regional orchard juice. The "Delicate Pleasure and Lust for Life" variant promises noble picnic pleasure, which includes a selection of ham and cheese as well as a bottle of "Dülmener Wildpferde" sparkling wine. You can then visit the "Dülmener Wildpferde" picnic area with your picnic basket.

Contents for 2 persons:

Picnic box hearty "Natz

  • Pumpernickel with butter
  • Sausage speciality in a jar
  • Ham or Mettwurst in a ring
  • Delicious pickles
  • Hearty snacks
  • 2 x beer speciality from a local brewery

Price: 25,- Euro

Picnic box "Hearty meadow snacking

  • Pumpernickel with butter
  • Jam
  • Small honey
  • Goat cream cheese
  • Mixed nuts
  • Fresh fruit
  • Regional apple juice and mineral water

Price: 25,- Euro

Picnic Box "Fine Pleasure and Love of Life

  • Pumpernickel with butter
  • Ham and cheese selection
  • Hearty snacks
  • Pickles
  • Fresh fruit
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine "Dülmener Wildpferde" or "Wine of the Year" (Pinot Gris, white)

Price: 35,- Euro

Order and collection

You can pick up the three different picnic options either at the office of Dülmen Marketing e.V. or at the bicycle station.

The pre-order period for your picnic basket is three days. Individual components from the contents of the basket can also be exchanged on request.

The deposit for the wooden box is 10,- Euro!

Picnic sites Tips: Hausdülmen, Rorup, Merfeld, Hiddingsel or Buldern, picnic area in the Dülmen Wildpark or picnic area at the Dülmen Wild Horses.

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