Projects of the Regional Cultural Policy Münsterland 2021
RKP - Regional Culture Programme NRW
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RKP projects 2022

Numerous artists and cultural practitioners from the region also applied for funding in 2022 through the Regional Culture Programme NRW with exciting concepts from the visual arts, film, literature, music, socio-culture and theatre. The Münsterland Cultural Council met in autumn 2021 and recommended 23 project applications for funding. Below you will find an overview of the selected art and cultural projects that will be implemented in Münsterland in 2022 as part of the RKP. The overview presents 21 projects that received a funding recommendation last year and three projects that received a recommendation in 2020 and will be implemented this year.

Note: Due to the restrictions on the arts and culture sector caused by the Corona pandemic, the project formats and periods may differ.

Man at the window Man at the window
© AkA
AkA - Atelier for Cultural Affairs (Format/on tour)

The Atelier für kulturelle Angelegenheiten (AkA) has organised a series of artistic and musical events in the city of Borken over the past two years. This will be continued in 2022: Together with local actors on the ground, Stefan Demming and Michael Rieken want to set up formats such as mini art festivals, global village disco and audio walks with recordings from all over the world. A total of six exhibitions and six events in public spaces are on the programme.

Beautiful view - Hörstel Beautiful view - Hörstel
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Foelting
A Cauldron of Colour - 25 Years of the Regional Cultural Programme NRW in Münsterland

On 21 May 2022, the Münsterland Cultural Office, the four districts and the city of Münster will be organising an anniversary festival including a journey through time of the RKP projects funded to date. After opening programmes in the individual districts, visitors will make their way to Münster by bike, bus, on horseback or on foot for the grand finale at the Mühlenhof. Here they can look forward to concerts, performances, exhibitions and surprises from 25 years of regional cultural policy in Münsterland.

Münsterland e.V.

View in pop sky View in pop sky
© rock´n´popmuseum
D.I.S.C.O. Cool - Chic - Crazy! (formerly Disco-Disco)

"Up on the dance floor" will be the credo of the two-year project of the rock'n'popmuseum in Gronau. The scientific investigation of the disco phenomenon in its various facets, from locality to musical style to business model, will be the focus of the project work in 2022. Together with regional partners from the Münsterland cultural scene, basic principles will be developed, which will be presented in 2023 as part of an exhibition in the rock'n'popmuseum. The dance floor of the Turbine music club offers an excellent projection surface for past trends, present experiences and future developments. Evening events reflect the line-ups of Münsterland's discos and promise an informative and at the same time entertaining reminiscence of old times as well as a look at the current - pandemic-related - situation of clubs in the region and beyond.

endless endless
© Willi Landsknecht
"endless" - whale flukes in the Münsterland region

In the municipalities of Altenberge, Bocholt, Oelde, Emsdetten and Telgte, the artist Willi Landsknecht, who lives in Altenberge, will exhibit two tail fins of diving blue whales in original size for six weeks each. The walking sculptures become part of the Münsterland landscape and can be wonderfully discovered on foot or by bike at the selected places. A supporting programme rounds off the cooperation project loosely based on Hölderlin, "endless: the sea resembles the wave of the cornfield".

Sudmühle open-air swimming pool Sudmühle open-air swimming pool
© Stephanie Pausch
FREUBAD - Mixed Arts Festivals in outdoor pools in the region

RESET e.V. transforms the outdoor swimming pools in Münsterland into joyful festival grounds. As usual, top-class pop, jazz, classical and electronic concerts are planned by artists from the region as well as internationally. In addition, there will be a colourful programme with surprises à la theatre on the diving tower, midnight swimming with live music, art in the locker and much more.

Reset e.V.

House Kummerveldt House Kummerveldt
© Münsterland e.V.
Haus Kummerveldt season 2 - a web series from Münsterland

The historical web series Haus Kummerveldt, awarded the German Film Academy's Young Talent Award, is entering its second season. The focus is once again on the noblewoman Luise, who continues to try her hand as a writer and defies the patriarchal structures of the 19th century. The web series will be shown at cinema and open-air screenings throughout Münsterland and at national and international film and web festivals.

Wettringen Mazen Mohsen Wettringen Mazen Mohsen
© Heimat X
Heimat:Kunde - intercultural meeting places in Münsterland

In empty shops in Münsterland, the stories of the places are taken up by artists of the intercultural initiative Heimat X and woven into a local history storytelling. Places of memory become visible again: the stationery shop where you bought your first exercise books as a child. The pub where your grandparents celebrated their wedding. The toy shop where childhood dreams were lived in the shop window. Heimat:Kunde conveys the message of a Heimat culture that has been transformed into the present.

Human / Nature Root Asphalt Human / Nature Root Asphalt
© Filmwerkstatt Münster
Human / Nature

The Filmwerkstatt Münster invites five film teams to go in search of traces of the tense relationship between man and nature in Münsterland. The resulting documentary-artistic short films show a diverse picture of this human-nature relationship, which can be frightening at some moments, but also hopeful at others.

Stever Stever
© Markus Kleymann
KulTour SteverLandRoute

The cultural cycle tour is a cooperation project of six municipalities and presents the cultural diversity of the region around the central theme of water. Along the Stever, participants experience music, poetry, drama, magic and light and sound installations on islands, boats or directly on the banks.

Habitat Artists' Village - Learning from Nature

View Artists' Village View Artists' Village
© Künstlerdorf Schöppingen
Habitat Artists' Village - Learning from Nature

Triggered by the climate crisis as well as social and geopolitical developments, established structures are increasingly being called into question. The Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, in cooperation with the Horstmar Schöppingen Secondary School and the Arbeitsstelle Forschungstransfer (AFO) of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, is addressing questions of an alternative corporate culture. In the process, interior and exterior space are thought together and aspects of more sustainable and equitable cycles are included. During the project, a biodiverse kitchen garden will be created, a connection to the programming will be established and a guideline will be developed that regulates questions of mobility, the handling of resources and the temporary communities settled in the artists' village.

Visitors Visitors
© Natalie Lindner
Living with the ghosts (haunting I heritage)

How does cultural heritage haunt our present? On the occasion of the 225th birthday and the 175th anniversary of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff's death, Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature enables transregional and transcultural readings of her texts - with ghosts. In doing so, hauntings are anything but negative, but instead focus on questions of ownership, privilege, stories, a specific language, rituals and communities. The project is divided into a participatory museum workshop, scenic-performative literature formats, essays by renowned artists and a discourse forum.

Münsterland Festival part 11 / Gravenhörst Monastery Münsterland Festival part 11 / Gravenhörst Monastery
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting
Münsterland Festival part 12

Every two years, the Münsterland Festival brings music and art from a European guest country to the region. In 2023, visitors can once again look forward to a mix of jazz, pop, classical and country-specific sounds - this time from Finland!

Neighbourhood Concerts Neighbourhood Concerts
© Wald- und Wiesen-Konzerte / Sebastian Netta
Neighbourhood culture

Initiating neighbourhoods to culture and living culture in the broadest sense - that is the goal of the Neighbourhood Concerts project. After the Forest and Meadow Concerts 2021 with musicians from all over Germany, the mobile Bonsai Stage will again offer a venue for neighbourhood concerts in villages and farming communities in Münsterland in 2022. There is space for talks to encourage more local cultural engagement, as well as for readings, choir projects and the "plant orchestration" of the Flow-Ra project.

Classical Music Nani Cello Quartet Classical Music Nani Cello Quartet
© Nani Celloquartett
New stars for the Münsterland

The Münster University of Music offers workshops, concerts and communicative formats with first-class students again this year. The artistic breadth ranges from new music (New York School) to percussion ensemble (world music), cello quartet (classical and folk) and pop. Planned by student initiatives, the events take place not only at cultural venues but also in senior residences and schools.

Dance Dance
© MNEME kollektiv
No man's land

The dancers of the MNEME collective offer workshops in Münsterland for pupils from the ninth grade upwards. Participants can expect a philosophical preliminary talk, a movement workshop and a dance theatre performance. The basis is the text "Uncivilisation" by Paul Kingsnorth and Douglas Hine, which revolves around the farewell to the belief in technological and civilisational progress and the myth of man's dominion over nature. With "No Man's Land", the MNEME wants to collectively encourage people to look into the abyss and search for beauty there. In the movement workshop, for example, the young people experience what it means to experience one's own body in motion and the dynamics and power of a group.

Mannstein + Vill Assembly Mannstein + Vill Assembly
© Mannstein + Vill
Paste Up History!

The artist duo Maria Vill and David Mannstein invites interested people from the population, associations, schools, church communities and socio-cultural institutions. Up to 20 house-high photo collages, so-called paste-ups, with references to the region will be developed together and attached to various facades in the district of Steinfurt. The photo collages creatively deal with the homeland and contemporary history as well as with topics of urban and social development and visualise them in a poetic way.

PIANEO 2020 Marina Baranova at the Haus Nottbeck cultural estate PIANEO 2020 Marina Baranova at the Haus Nottbeck cultural estate
© Markus Poguntke-Rauer
PIANEO - Festival for Neoclassicism 2022

In more than six (double) concerts with (inter)national greats of neo-classical music, the stylistic boundaries of pop, classical, jazz and electronic music will be broken down. The audience of the biennial festival in Münsterland can also look forward to two new highlights from February 2022: PIANEO is planning a club concert and an open-air offshoot for the first time.

Soundseeing Soundseeing
© Erwin Stache
Soundseeing - the Münsterland-wide sound art festival

In 2023, Münsterland will once again be a showcase and listening place for very special sounds. With its interplay of exhibitions, performances, concerts, participatory activities and workshops, the interdisciplinary sound art festival SOUNDSEEING offers its visitors a unique sensory experience of sounds in space.

Summerwinds Royal Wind Music Summerwinds Royal Wind Music
© Marco Borggreve
Summerwinds Münsterland 2022. Europe's Woodwind Festival

Europe's woodwind festival summerwinds tours the Münsterland for the sixth time in 2022! From June to September, the audience can expect around 50 concerts of classical, crossover and world music. Musicians, young prize-winners and stars of the scene will make guest appearances. While the woodwinds are the focus of the international festival, there are small specials such as an exhibition of recorder makers and publishers, a masterclass oboe and much more.

Theatre of the Blue Islands Theatre of the Blue Islands
© Ralf Emmerich
Theatre of the Blue Islands 2022 - Children's Theatre in Corona Times

Mats on the floor - the children's theatre is coming! After almost 100 performances in 2021, the "Theatre of the Blue Islands" enters its second round in 2022 and ensures the participation and continuation of cultural education for children and families in the currently difficult Corona times. The performances offered by the Don Kidschote Theatre from Münster, the Hille Puppille puppet theatre from Dülmen and the Krokodil Theatre from Tecklenburg are aimed at all day-care centres, primary and special schools, initiatives and leisure centres in the entire Münsterland region. With a high degree of flexibility, the children's and family theatres adapt to any Corona restrictions and bring lively and imaginative children's culture to any location in these difficult times - no matter whether indoors or outdoors.

Sonus Loci Sonus Loci
© Ascheberg Marketing / Dirk Frerichmann
tonwelten (formerly Sonus Loci 4x4)

What does Münsterland sound like? Sonus Loci 4x4 wants to make four places experienceable in a new way through sound and music. First, the place is acoustically explored, then composed and performed on site. In between, a sound mobile rolls through the region and transports sounds from one community to the next.

Trumpet tree and violin fig Trumpet tree and violin fig
© Maren Kuiter
Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks in Münsterland 2022

From the region for the region: From mid-June, starting with the Day of Gardens and Parks, until mid-September, numerous concerts take place in gardens and parks in Münsterland as well as in the Achterhoek and the Twente region. The focus is mainly on jazz, but also on classical music and rock/pop with musicians from the region.

Film still from Mors Certa Film still from Mors Certa
© wdnnw Film GbR/Köhler
Wild Wild Westfalen (AT) - A Low German Short Film Western

Clear the stage for a short film western in Münsterland: the plot centres on the former strontianite mining in the south of the region - in Low German. The goal of the filmmakers around Nikos Saul: to get young adults and teenagers excited about this historical era and the regional language Low German.

Portrait of a Young Lady around 1800 Portrait of a Young Lady around 1800
© Muesum Abtei Liesborn
We are Rincklake. Portrait Painting in the Selfie Age

The Museum Abtei Liesborn, Kulturgut Haus Nottbeck and Haus Harkotten-von Korff are bringing portrait painting back to life in a joint exhibition. With questions about the success story of Johann Christoph Rincklake (1764-1813), the attitude to life of his time and the staging of identity, the three houses take a look at the importance of the painter for the Münsterland and create a link to our present-day selfie culture.

Fragility Fragility
© Stark, Wachowitz, Goldschmidt

The taboo subject of "dying" is the focus of the TanzPoeten performances: In public spaces and in places where dance or theatre would otherwise not be expected, the artists deal with the transition between life and death, the fading of physical and linguistic communication and how to deal with dying and loss.

Please note: The project list has been compiled on the basis of the timely application for funding to the Münster District Government and is subject to approval.

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