Cycling in Rheine | Info on cycle tours and cycle paths
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A true paradise for cyclists
Cycling in Rheine

Cycling in Rheine

Cycling in the city doesn't have to be strenuous. This is especially true for Rheine. The second largest city in the Münsterland region can be easily explored by bicycle. The network of cycle paths leads not only to the railway station, but right through the city centre. The Ems River not only serves as a guide, but also accompanies the EmsRadweg and the 100 Schlössre Route on their way through the city. The first destination for most cyclists is the Bentlage Monastery with its large saline park, which is well worth seeing.

But the cycle paths around Rheine have much more to offer. Continuously flat cycle paths lead to Steinfurt Castle or Gravenhorst Monastery near Hörstel. More athletic are stages into the Teutoburg Forest around Ibbenbüren. Rheine is the ideal starting point for circular tours or as a stage stop on one of the attractive themed routes.

Rheine in the Münsterland cycling region

4,500 km of signposted cycle paths criss-cross the Münsterland. Rheine can also be reached via the practical hub system. The honeycomb system offers countless possibilities for cycling tours and circular routes through Münsterland.

  • Rheine lies in the honeycombs 8 | 9 | 19
  • The district of Gellendorf is located in honeycomb 240.
  • The districts of Mesum and Hauenhorst are located in honeycomb 18.

Themed routes in Rheine

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