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Greek gods in Bocholt at the Woord House
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Industrial history in the heart of the city
House Woord

House Woord

The listed Woord house has exciting cultural and historical material in store for you: behind the doors of this property, the history of the well-known Münsterland textile industry was once significantly shaped and contributed to.

Haus Woord was built in the classicist style between 1792 and 1795, with elegant and austere lines on both the house and the exterior. Initially owned by the von Raesfelds, the Bocholt textile manufacturer Ludwig Schwartz acquired the house and farm in 1830. The entrepreneur had steam-driven spinning mills and weaving mills built on the spacious grounds. Despite the destruction of the estate during the Second World War, it was rebuilt in its original style in 1949 and operations continued until 1971. Since then, the building has housed private flats and a lawyer's office, and there are business premises in the outbuildings.

A venerable welcome

In the imposing forecourt you will see replicas of four ancient statues of the gods. The originals, which were enthroned here in the 19th century, are among the most important secular sculptures of the 17th and 18th centuries in Westphalia and are currently in Ahaus.

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House Woord

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Tips on the Woord House

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House Woord

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