Winter walks and hikes in Münsterland
Quiet walks through the Münsterland
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On quiet paths
Winter walks

Winter walks in the Münsterland

When frost freezes small lakes, hoarfrost transforms ferns and branches into works of art and fog accentuates the silence of the landscape, it's time for a winter walk in Münsterland. In warm boots, a cosy hat and a thick jacket, you will discover quiet paths and small wonders of nature. From the heights of the Tecklenburger Land to the heaths in the valley of the Lippe, the Münsterland gives you plenty of space to take a break from everyday life.

The wintry Nordkirchen Castle The wintry Nordkirchen Castle
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Nordkirchen Castle Park

Nordkirchen Castle rises majestically from the surrounding parkland. Most visitors walk through the park to Venus Island. From here you have a wonderful view of the castle and the gardens of the castle park. The strictly formal park design is fascinating even in winter and contrasts beautifully with the nearby wooded areas. From the main entrance of the castle, the bat circular walk leads you through avenues in a wide arc past the orangery back to the castle and on to the town centre of Nordkirchen.

Length from the car park: approx. 5 kilometres

Baumberge in November Baumberge in November
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The Baumberge near Nottuln offer fantastic views of fields, meadows and forests. Even in winter. A 360-degree view across the Münsterland region to the Ruhr or Emsland is possible from here on a clear day. Walk through the beautiful landscape and take a break at the Longinusturm; the highest elevation in the Baumberge. How long you walk is up to you. You can hike part of the Ludgerusweg or one of the local circular routes.

The wintry Westrup Heath The wintry Westrup Heath
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Westrup Heath

In the winter months, the bizarre shapes of the juniper bushes are the stars of the heath. Knotty and overgrown, they resemble creatures from fables and fairy tales. The sandy paths lead through the stands of evergreen shrubs, which, by the way, can grow up to 600 years old. A good starting point for a walk is the "Westruper Heide" car park. In addition to the wide expanses of heath, there are also numerous mighty juniper bushes here. It is worthwhile to "hike" through the many areas of the heath. Again and again, new vantage points open up. However, the paths also allow numerous shortcuts.

Length: approx. 4 kilometres

Walk in the Venner Moor Walk in the Venner Moor
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Venner Moor

The history of the "Venner Moor" near Senden began 6,000 years ago. For a long time, the high moor was characterised by thick peat layers. But as in many other places, large areas of the landscape fell victim to drainage. However, some plants and animals typical of the heath have remained at home in the Venner Moor. Surrounded by birch forests, a moorland forest has survived around areas of water and moorland. From the "Venner Moor" car park, two circular paths lead through the nature reserve. Especially in fog or frost, the moor unfolds its beauty.

Length 2.7 or 4.7 kilometres

Walk along the Aassee of Münster Walk along the Aassee of Münster
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Aasee Münster

Only a few metres from the city centre, Münster's Aasee welcomes you. Where joggers, picnic fans and sun worshippers cavort in summer, soothing silence spreads in winter. Beautiful circular paths, between 3 and 7 km long, lead through the Aaseepark with its sculptures worth seeing. The open-air museum Mühlenhof, located directly at the Aasee, offers a journey through the history of the Münsterland.

Schloss Raesfeld im Winter Schloss Raesfeld im Winter
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Historical Zoo at Raesfeld Castle

A tour around Raesfeld Castle is one of the most impressive experiences in the western Münsterland region. The highest castle tower in Westphalia stretches up into the winter sky while you explore the circular paths in the historic zoo. The marked circular paths, up to 5 km long, lead through a magnificent winter landscape of forest, meadow and heath. At the end of the walk, the cafés in Freiheit will tempt you with a warm drink.

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