TOPs for cycling in Münsterland
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Boundless paths, boundless experiences
TOPs in Münsterland

Tops for cyclists and hikers

The cycle routes from Münsterland lead seamlessly across the invisible Dutch border. That's why it's not quite so easy to plan and carry out some cross-border cycling tours. The TOPs provide information on which leisure attractions can be found nearby, show the most beautiful hiking and cycling routes in the border region and invite you to simply park your car for a change.

Switch from car to bike at six TOPs

There are six TOPs in the German-Dutch border region - wherever important hiking and cycling routes cross. They are each equipped with an information board and seating and are located in the immediate vicinity of car parks and refreshment stops. The eye-catching stone pyramids in the middle of the square make them impossible to miss. Thus the TOPs offer much more than just orientation: they are also starting points, rest areas, meeting points and information points for cyclists and hikers. Thanks to the parking spaces and refreshment stops, you can easily change from your car to your bike from any TOP, start a hike or take a break on your tour.

TOP Isselburg

Anholt moated castle at TOP Anholt Anholt moated castle at TOP Anholt
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TOP cycle route: On old smugglers' paths you will experience the region on both sides of the border. The smallest church in the Netherlands awaits you in Dinxperlo and one of the most beautiful buildings in Westphalia, the Anholt moated castle, awaits you in Isselburg. The wildlife park "Anholter Schweiz" - modelled on Lake Lucerne - is bear country and home to numerous other animal species. Length: 60 kilometres.

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TOP Bocholt-Barlo

Diepenbrock Castle Diepenbrock Castle
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TOP cycle route: The cycle tour consists of two parts. The southern loop leads to the picturesque Diepenbrock Castle to Bocholt with its lively city centre and the Textile Museum worth seeing. Past the very beautiful Aasee lake, the cycle route leads back to the TOP. The northern route leads past the Ippenburcht Ecological Centre to the town of Bredevoort. Length: 54 kilometres.

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TOP Südlohn-Oeding

Oeding Castle Oeding Castle
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Top cycling route: On this route you will discover traditional crafts in the border region. The clockwise signposted cycle route leads via Südlohn with its dreamy village centre to the town of Winterswijk. Along the route you will find clog makers and cheese dairies, whose products you can also buy at the region's markets. Length: 51 kilometres.

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TOP Vreden-Zwillbrock

Zwillbrocker Venn Zwillbrocker Venn
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TOP cycle route: Experience the wonderful bird life of the Zwillbrocker Venn and, with a bit of luck, discover the free-roaming flamingos. At the Biological Station you will learn everything you need to know about this unique natural landscape. Go back in time at the Erve Kots open-air museum near Groenl or visit the Kult in Vreden. Length: 45 kilometres.

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TOP Ahaus-Altstätte

Hair Mill Ahaus Hair Mill Ahaus
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Top cycling route: The route leads through the flat and green landscape around Ahaus-Altstätte to the small town of Haaksbergen. In the townscape of the small Dutch town, the present and the historical blend harmoniously. The cycle tour leads through numerous nature reserves on both sides of the border. At the end of the cycle tour, you will be tempted once again by the beautiful pub. Length: 48 kilometres.

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TOP Gronau-Driland

Gronau Drilandsee Gronau Drilandsee
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Top cycle route: The cycle tour in the border triangle between Münsterland, Lower Saxony and the Netherlands leads through magnificent natural landscapes. From the Driländer See lake, the cycle route leads through the water-rich Gildehauser Venn. In the small village of Gildehaus, it is worth visiting the Otto Pankok Museum before the cycle tour leads back to Gronau via the small and cosy village of Losser. A visit to the rock'n'pop museum should definitely be part of your route planning. Length: 45 kilometres.

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