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Das Gute erleben - Schlösser und Geschichte
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History. Curiously enjoy

On the trail of Münsterland's history

Romantic castles, imposing moated palaces, monasteries and stately homes - more than 100 such estates can be found in Münsterland. Some of them are private, but many are also open to the public. They are not only witnesses to great architecture, but also places of recreation and education. Here you can immerse yourself in the history of the region and learn more about the nobility of the time, great battles and famous historical personalities.

Many of the castles and palaces are located in the midst of beautiful parklands that invite you to take a walk, linger or even have a picnic. Make yourself comfortable on a lawn or bench and let the architecture take its effect on you. Or stroll around the building. Perhaps you will discover a sculpture or two, the remains of a castle wall or something else entirely?

A visit to these houses can also be perfectly combined with a bicycle tour. The so-called 100 Castles Route connects the most interesting buildings in the Münsterland region on four circular routes in a flat landscape.

Great treasures behind thick walls

Once the residences of Christian religious communities, these estates are now cultural meeting places and museums. Sophisticated exhibitions, contemporary art and cultural events attract guests from near and far. A visit can be easily combined due to the local proximity of the estates!

Abducted into the past

The origins of many manor houses in the Münsterland region go far back into the past. When was the castle built? Who lived here one? Castles are often surrounded by exciting stories about noble families, battles, destruction, reconstruction and legends. Many of the castles in the region offer guided tours where you can find out more. Send your senses on a journey back in time!

Carried by poetry - on the poetry trail

The Poetry Trail is located between Hülshoff Castle in Havixbeck and Haus Rüschhaus near Münster. Over a distance of about 7 km, the barrier-free outdoor museum informs visitors at 21 stations (10 of them digital) about the famous poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, her two places of life and the surrounding landscape. Meadows and newly created rest areas along the way invite you to take a picnic.

Way to Hülshoff Castle Way to Hülshoff Castle
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On Drostes Paths
Poetry path
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Old gardens rediscovered

The castles in Münsterland are a feast for the eyes in themselves. But many of them are also framed by magnificent green spaces and forests. Numerous trees, flowers and bushes spread a wonderful smell. Here and there you will discover some dancing bees or birds...

Travel offers at a glance

Have one or two castles already captured your heart and you can't wait to get to know them up close? Below you will find some travel offers around various manor houses in Münsterland. Leave the planning to us and start your holiday stress-free before you even arrive.

Experience the good with all senses

A picnic with a castle backdrop? Here, taste buds and visual nerves are stimulated at the same time. Get fresh food or ready-made dishes at the nearest farm shop and pack your picnic basket. Or combine a visit to a castle with a break at a farm café as part of a bicycle tour. Everything is possible in Münsterland.

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