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Cycling tour at Vischering Castle
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Discover Lüdinghausen by bike and canoe
Pedal Knight Meets Castle

Pedal Knight Meets Castle

Discover Lüdinghausen by bike and canoe

Since 2019, Lüdinghausen has been officially entitled "City of Water Castles". For example, there is Lüdinghausen Castle in the north of the town and Kakesbeck Castle in Bechtrup. But the absolute highlight is probably Vischering Castle. And less than 10 kilometres further on, the next magnificent estate is already waiting for you: Nordkirchen Castle. But Lüdinghausen has even more in store: a historic and picturesque old town centre, beautiful gardens and parks, canoeing on the Stever and other nature experiences. How can you decide what to do here? Here are some ideas for exploring the city and its surroundings by bike, on foot and by canoe.

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The Westphalian Versailles

If you are travelling in Lüdinghausen, a visit to Nordkirchen Castle is a must. The "Westphalian Versailles", as it is also called, is not far from Lüdinghausen. The castle is one of the most popular destinations in Münsterland. The completely preserved baroque complex, which was built symmetrically to the highest degree, was completed by Johann Conrad Schlaun. The moated castle is set in a spacious castle park, which invites you to take relaxing walks. If you still have some time, it's worth visiting the Schlaun Café in the centre of Nordkirchen. Here you can enjoy homemade cakes and fresh coffee.

Canoeing in Lüdinghausen

The cute town centre of Lüdinghausen should also be on your itinerary! You can stroll through the pedestrian zone and make yourself comfortable in one of the small, beautiful cafés. You'll also find one of the best ice cream parlours in the region. Relaxing is the order of the day!

You could then spend your afternoon on the water: How about a canoe trip on the Stever? From the pier in Lüdinghausen, past Vischering Castle to Kakesbeck Castle and back again. This way you can see the castles from the water side. A great experience! Be sure to take some snacks and drinks with you so that you can enjoy your own picnic during the canoe tour. A picnic and a canoe simply belong together!

Cycling, castles and farm shops

On a 43 km cycle tour from Lüdinghausen, you can then get to know one or two castles and the beautiful park landscape in Münsterland. You start at Burg Vischering. Before you set off on your rented e-bikes, you will have plenty of time to take a closer look at the castle.

The cycle tour takes you along the 100 Castles Route to the next castle complex, Kakesbeck Castle - one of the largest medieval fortifications in Münsterland. The route now takes you to Senden. The castle of the same name awaits you here. Magnificent lime trees, copper beeches and plane trees line the path to Senden Castle, which looks back on a history of over 1000 years. You now leave the 100 castles route and visit the Grothues-Potthoff farm shop - one of many farm shops in Münsterland. But now it's time to cycle again. Shortly before you reach the town centre of Lüdinghausen, you will pass the Forstmannshof Böcker. Enjoy the cosy, warm ambience of a historic estate. A final highlight of your tour awaits you in Lüdinghausen - the third castle of the "City of Water Castles" - Lüdinghausen Castle.

The main castle of Burg Vischering rises up picturesquely
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Vischering Castle is one of the most beautiful photo motifs in Münsterland! But the interactive museum is also well worth seeing and provides insights into the ways of life of past times.

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Kakesbeck Castle is opening up more and more to the public
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The castle is currently undergoing renovation and will soon attract a wide audience with gastronomy, guided tours and events. At the moment you can only see the castle from the outside. The picnic area on the Stever, with a view of the castle, is also very suitable for a first break.

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View of Senden Castle, situated in the greenery
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The non-profit association Schloss Senden e.V. took over the entire castle complex in 2015 to transform it into a cultural and educational venue. Visitors can see for themselves the ongoing renovation process and experience how the castle is blossoming from a "lost place" into a new highlight. However, the interior of the castle can only be visited as part of a guided tour or event. However, the park is accessible free of charge at all times, and a break with coffee and cold drinks is also possible on site.

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Böcker farm shop
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Whether Grothues-Potthoff in Senden or Forstmannshof Böcker in Lüdinghausen - farm shops are simply part of the Münsterland lifestyle! Regional and seasonal products such as jams, liqueurs, delicatessen from the region or even gift articles can be found here and invite you to enjoy your shopping!

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Lüdinghausen Castle is surrounded by a moat
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Lüdinghausen Castle is the oldest castle in Lüdinghausen and is surrounded by a magnificent park that used to form the castle's fortification system. The castle cannot easily be visited from the inside. A tour around the moat and through the nearby Parc de Taverny, which was newly built with a water playground, is recommended here.

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Tips for your trip

Tips for your overnight stay

In the middle of Lüdinghausen's pedestrian zone you will find Hotel No.11. This small, charming breakfast hotel is perfect for your weekend in Lüdinghausen. The stylish Steverbett Hotel is also located directly in the old town of Lüdinghausen and is definitely recommendable.

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Tips for eating & drinking

At the Steverbett Hotel, the Restaurant & Café "flussaufwärts" provides culinary delights directly on the Stever. Terjung Café Reitstall is located at Vischering Castle. Here you can enjoy a coffee with a view of the castle. The breads from the associated bakery are also highly recommended.

Tips on how to get there

Travelling by train:

Lüdinghausen lies on the Dortmund - Enschede railway line. The walk from the station to the town centre takes about 20 minutes.

Travelling by car:

Coming from the south and west, take the A43 or A53 to the Marl-Nord junction and then follow the signs to Lüdinghausen. Coming from the north, take the A43 to the Senden exit and follow the signs to Lüdinghausen via the B235. Coming from the east, take the A1 to the Ascheberg exit and follow the signs for "Ascheberg" and "Lüdinghausen" via the B58.

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View through the green to Vischering Castle View through the green to Vischering Castle
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