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Lüdinghausen in the Münsterland
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City of the water castles


Since 2019, the town of Lüdinghausen has been officially entitled "Town of Water Castles". It has a number of them - the castles of Vischering and Lüdinghausen on the northern edge of the town and Kakesbeck Castle in the Bechtrup district. And even though there is not much of it left to see today, Wolfsberg Castle was also once a moated castle.

In addition to its many castles and surrounding sights, Lüdinghausen also has a historic and picturesque old town centre. This invites you to stroll and linger. There are also many attractive shopping opportunities in the numerous charming alleys.

Vischering Castle is Lüdinghausen's landmark

Vischering Castle in particular is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Münsterland region. A walk around the castle and a visit to the Münsterland Museum in the historic walls is definitely worthwhile. Extending the walk into the small town centre is a good way to explore Lüdinghausen. Here you will find one of the best ice cream parlours in the region - the locals will be happy to help you!

A sea of blossoms in the rose village of Seppenrade

From spring onwards, the rose village of Lüdinghausen-Seppenrade will tempt you to take a trip into the countryside. 600 fragrant species bloom in the rose garden on 18,750 square metres of green space. A visit to the rose garden is a romantic experience of nature! Lüdinghausen and Seppenrade offer numerous opportunities for relaxing and active leisure activities, from sport to culture. In particular, the good cycle routes in the Münsterland cycle path network make the two an ideal starting point for varied cycle tours. The castle and palace tour and the 100 castles route lead to further witnesses of great architecture.

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Vischering Castle in Lüdinghausen Vischering Castle in Lüdinghausen
A castle between the future and the past
Vischering Castle
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Burg Lüdinghausen Burg Lüdinghausen
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Cycling tour for a long weekend
A firework display of castles and palaces
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