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Drostenhof Wolbeck in Münster
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Drostenhof Wolbeck

It is probably the most important Renaissance building in Westphalia and is one of the oldest secular buildings in the region: the Drostenhof Wolbeck. The listed house is located in Münster and belongs to the Count von Merveldt family.

After the Second World War, displaced persons were temporarily housed here. From 1975 to 2012, it was home to the West Prussian State Museum. Since then, it has been used privately again. The beautiful courtyard consisting of a gatehouse, a farm wing and a manor house with a stair tower still characterises the image of the Wolbeck district of the same name.

From the Burgmannshof to the Drosten Hof

The Drostenhof is a former Burgmannshof, which was probably established at the end of the 13th century. In 1389, it became the property of the Lords of Merveldt, who later became the Drosten of Wolbeck. However, the building only acquired its present form in the 16th century by Dirk von Merveldt and his wife Gertrud von Nagel. Thus the gatehouse and the manor house were added. The two staggered show gables on the north and south sides of the building are particularly impressive. They later became the model for a whole series of show fronts in Münsterland. In two rooms on the ground floor, parts of a magnificent stucco ceiling from the 17th century have been preserved to this day. It depicts representations from mythology and contemporary hunting scenes.

Listening tour | Drostenhof Wolbeck

On this exciting audio journey, you will not only learn more about the history of the building and the noble family that lived there, but also about the city of Münster, where the Drostenhof is located. What do the Anabaptists have to do with it? Listen in and find out ...

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Service at Drostenhof Wolbeck

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Opening hours and admission

As the Drostenhof is privately inhabited, it can only be visited from the outside. Due to vandalism and littering, the Drostenhof park was unfortunately also closed in 2021.

4 Tips for the Drostenhof Wolbeck

  • The parish church of St. Nicholas Wolbeck is only a stone's throw away from the Drostenhof. With its romantic tower, baroque elements and magnificent wooden reliefs, it is a sight worth seeing both inside and out.
  • Further towards the centre of the village, at the corner of Am Steintor / Hofstraße, you will find the "Punkt" - a creative centre with a permanent exhibition of pottery objects and sculptures as well as other changing exhibitions of art objects.
  • A popular recreation area is the Wolbeck Zoo. It is one of the oldest forests in the Münsterland. Numerous old oaks and beeches bear witness to its long, uninterrupted forestation.
  • Fancy a bike ride? The house is located on the route of the east and south course of the 100 castles route.

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