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Amusement parks in Münsterland
© Allwetterzoo Münster / Daniel Morsey
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Zoos and amusement parks

Zoos and amusement parks in Münsterland

That can make your eyes and ears wide open. There is plenty to marvel at in the zoos and amusement parks. In Rheine's nature zoo, the storks not only fly around the zoo but also like to go to the Salinenpark. The penguins at the Allwetterzoo limit themselves to a walk through the zoo. But they too are sure to attract the attention of visitors. The birds of prey fly around almost silently in the Frankenhof. They regularly show off their flying skills at their shows. The bears have their own forest in the Biotopwild Park Anholter Schweiz. You'll have to find out for yourself why there is also a "Swiss cottage" there. At Ketteler Hof, adults have at least as much fun on the fast water slide as their children. The day can't be long enough.

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